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How Does The Right Software Enable Optimal Project Delivery?

12 April, 2021
5 mins read

Subcontractors play an essential role in the delivery of a project on time and within budget in the construction, mining, and industrial sectors. Engaging and employing sub-contractors for the appropriate tasks is a priority for main contractors, particularly in cases where the job demands the appointment of multiple specialised subcontractors. Explore subcontractor management and the role software cal play to enable optimal project delivery below:

Lacking information at the right time or in the appropriate format can severely impact a contractor’s ability to perform and deliver projects. The operational challenges posed by the complexity of these tasks, however, can be addressed with the right technology.

Using an integrated system that inherently understands the complexity of managing subcontract life cycles can positively impact both the operational efficiencies and bottom line for contractors.

RIB’s Candy and BuildSmart solutions were designed for exactly that purpose. Combining project control and fully integrated enterprise management, RIB Candy and RIB BuildSmart work together to offer seamless and flexible subcontractor management, covering life cycle highlights such as adjudication, contract award, progress, certification and final account.

There are several benefits for managers or supervisors overseeing subcontracts though such integrated systems:

  • Item tracking: Through the subcontractor management module within RIB Candy, items from the main bill of quantities (BOQ) can be isolated to create a separate subcontractor BOQ, with its own awarded rates. Subcontractor BOQs can also be linked with those of clients to ensure easier cost and budget comparisons.
  • Legal compliance: A specialised system can aid the process of ensuring compliance in terms of payment notifications and other processes such as the local nuances of remittance. This is an immensely important feature in markets such as the UK or Australia.
  • Variation orders: Industry specific technology such as RIB’s CanBuild solution allows contractors to track changes and variations in a clear and concise manner. RIB BuildSmart also helps to streamline processes through real-time data entry and field solutions, effectively allowing contractors to navigate the complex world of variation orders with a simple and easy to use platform. The detailed and accurate records it helps to maintain, in turn, ensure that payment delays do not affect the project or its subcontractors.
  • Tracking progress: The contractor’s project teams can monitor and manage subcontractors at an operational level with resource planning platforms that understand contractor requirements. For instance, RIB Candy’s direct, unique integration with RIB BuildSmart allows in real time finance departments to track certificates, advances, retentions and on-site materials, allowing contractors to do more with less.
  • Streamlined management: The ability to digitally manage obligations, subcontractor progress and cash flows is essential for contractors that typically engage multiple companies for several projects at a time. An effective subcontractor management system can help project and package managers or supervisors track progress on every parcel at a granular level, and ensure each project meets its planned deadlines.

Leverage the power of your data

In essence, the use of specialised construction software, such as RIB Candy and RIB BuildSmart, means main contractors have one source of project data to draw from, which eliminates duplication, creates data integrity and eliminates errors the latter being a familiar consequence of managing subcontractors manually using platforms such as MS Excel.

While RIB Candy and RIB BuildSmart can be used separately, their potential increases exponentially when they are combined as a complete solution.

The process of recording, storing and managing this data digitally means previously complex reviews, such as subcontractor costs and performance per contract, become easier, faster and more accurate.

These systems also help to dismantle traditional workplace silos and ensure that the deeply insightful data produced by contractors is shared in a uniform and easily understandable formats across all levels of the business, where required and with controlled access rights.

Having access to real time, accurate data is essential for management teams in the construction, mining and industrial sectors to make informed, fact-based decisions that grow their business. RIB Software is inherently built to support this ease of decision making