Configurable, comprehensive and secure construction project management


RIB CX is web-based construction management software that is designed to support every facet of your business operations. Every tool and feature has been created to increase office and field productivity. With ease of use and efficiency built into its design, RIB CX offers a complete management solution from pre-construction through to handover.

Why Choose RIB CX?

A centralized communication hub that allows teams to store and capture all activity on the dashboard for real-time follow ups and reviews.

With multiple modules in one sophisticated and integrated system, managing contracts to tenders to stakeholder correspondence can be streamlined in RIB CX.

Configure efficient and sequential workflow steps to suit the organization, set-up comprehensive dashboards and analytics to track status and progress in real-time.

Live reporting enables teams to quickly identify defects, track status of issues and their impact on project schedule as well as budget.

Features and Functionality


The correspondence module allows teams to work more efficiently, communicate better, and build faster from a single source of truth. Using a forum-based system, all stakeholders have access to the latest information in a single thread–promising efficiency and accountability.


Publication Space

The publication space is a document control designed specifically for the construction industry–making it easy for teams to share files, drawings, reports, contracts, schedules, and much more. It provides controlled-document access from a secure system that support various file formats and sizes. Information is updated in real-time, ensuring a swift approach to managing documents.


Contracts Administration

The cost management process is streamlined to help teams manage multiple contracts in real-time. The capability to create budgets with accurate estimates, manage any variations, break down costs, and automatically generate payment schedules; providing clarity and greater contractual control. 



The tenders process securing the online bidder portal makes every interaction traceable and allows efficient liaison in real-time between bidding parties, especially when new revisions are added and relevant documents are shared. With all necessary data in one place, it is faster to ensure the job is awarded and completed.


Defects Management

A mobile-based system allows teams to capture, assign and track issues in real-time, leading up to greater efficiency. Teams can identify where the defect is located and add a photo for clarity. The defect is then linked to all relevant items such as variations, claims and RFIs–providing managers with more insights into where the defect has occurred and the progress on fixing it.


Quality Management

The quality management module contains a library of inspection and test plans used to generate Work Lots. Each of them have a checklist of quality requirements that can be tailored to the teams specifications. Managers can schedule or assign due dates to ensure work is carried out as expected, along with supporting documentation that prove the work has been completed.


Suitable for

Project Manager

Teams can stay on track with a form-based system for efficient communication across the entire project. The highly configurable platform allows project managers to act quickly when plans or deadlines need to be changed at short notice. Updates on tasks and schedule can be quickly applied and immediately synchronized to the corresponding departments for rapid execution.

Quality Manager

Leading the way in quality, our reliable and accurate system allows teams to resolve issues quickly without jeopardizing planned deadlines. Managers can create Work Lots with specific requirements and schedule or assign due dates to involved parties to ensure work is carried out according to plan. Supporting documentation is also readily available, providing instant evidence for progress claims where required.

Commercial Manager

Teams have greater contractual control and the ability to manage budgets effectively with a comprehensive Procure to Pay process. All tender documentation is stored in one easy place, with a transparent process for all stakeholders. Teams can tailor their financial metrics and payments to suit needs, tracking exactly where each dollar is spent.

We are with you at every step

Our goal is to improve your efficiency and productivity through a range of services, such as implementation, system navigation, and optimizing upgrades. We understand the challenges of meeting deadlines and the need for timely assistance. Our experienced staff, who are seasoned industry-experts, take pride in offering prompt and effective support – just ask our hundreds of thousands of satisfied users!