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SpecLink is a cloud-based, centralized specification platform that uses automated workflows, smart linking technology, and CSI-standard content to create a dynamic, credible “single source of truth” throughout the construction lifecycle.

At RIB Software, we understand the importance of ownership and control over the content you create. Our customers can rest assured that any content you generate, edit, or save using RIB SpecLink remains entirely your own, as we believe that customer-generated content belongs solely to each business, architect, engineer, etc. We respect the value of the ‘Instruments of Service’ and view rich and unfettered content as an enabler of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and, ultimately, the growth of the built environment. Our role is to provide innovative platforms with the necessary tools to efficiently manage and utilize your data in alignment with your unique goals and objectives.

Why Choose RIB SpecLink?

A centralized, cloud-based platform that empowers teams to contribute to spec writing while ensuring that spec experts maintain visibility and control over the final output.

SpecLink’s embedded intelligence helps identify conflicts and considerations for inclusion to drive better outcomes.

Speed up the editing process and lower production costs with custom templates and global standards that can be set, applied, and automated across sections and projects.

Leverage project sharing, track changes, and comments to simplify and save time during the collaborative editing and review process.

Features and Functionality

Streamlined Specification Workflows

Holistic solution streamlines and eliminates existing workflows via specification management in all phases of design and construction on a single platform.


Mobile And Web-Based Access

Solutions accessible on any browser-enabled device allow project teams to streamline communications by viewing, sharing, editing and commenting on the go.


Integrated Service Platform

Robust customer support, implementation and close relationship management contributes to customer stickiness.


Comprehensive, Current Content Database

Continuously updated database of 910+ content sections feature relevant BPMs, 3,000+ reference standards, sustainable design provisions, and more.


Advanced Back-End Technology

Intelligent, linked database helps users edit specs up to 70% faster, automating specification creation and updates while minimizing errors and omissions.


Coordinated Design Process

Full integration with Revit BIM software; connect specs and models within SpecLink to visualize and adapt specifications with models in real-time.


Best In Class Content

SpecLink holds a 10+ year strategic relationship with the Construction Specifications Institute as their only construction software partner. Our content is built with their best practices and standards in mind.


Suitable for


Speed up spec production and edit faster with templates, checklists and intelligent linking. Reduce the time and effort required to develop project specs and enforce design standards.


SpecLink offers a new approach to design standards and specifications that sets your organization apart from the competition with digital experiences that put an end to siloed data and disconnected workflows. Oversee and manage permissions for various teams with permission-based controls for every role. With SpecLink, you can save time, minimize risk, collaborate, and stay in control.


Stay up-to-date with industry standards, regulations, and codes, ensuring that projects meet required criteria. Accurate and well-defined specifications lead to better cost estimates, reduced change orders, and more efficient resource allocation, ultimately saving both time and money. A digital trail of project specifications is invaluable for auditing, reporting, and legal purposes.

See just how much you could save with RIB SpecLink


SpecLink Cloud

With SpecLink Cloud, you can produce specifications 70% faster by collaborating across teams.

  • Create specs up to 70% faster.
  • Speed up editing tasks.
  • Improve spec coordination.
  • Minimize errors and omissions.
  • Synchronize specs with BIM models
  • Rely on hassle-free automatic updates
  • Simplify sustainable design certification
  • Easily transition from outline to short-form to full specs
  • Visualize changes as your project evolves from any web-enabled device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions about SpecLink Cloud software. For more information, view our online SpecLink tutorials and videos.

Cloud technology

Sharing up-to-date information is easier when you’re in the cloud. Keep your entire team on the same page throughout the entire design and review process. SpecLink Cloud makes it simple to comment on projects and easily coordinate plans and specs from a common data environment.


BIM integration

Dramatically simplify coordination between specification writers and designers working in Revit. BIM integration allows you to seamlessly connect specs and models within SpecLink Cloud. Visualize and adapt to changes as the design evolves, and easily monitor their impact. Click here to learn more.

In terms of innovative tools like BIM integration and cloud technology, SpecLink Cloud can do more than SpecLink-E. While SpecLink Cloud did not have some of SpecLink-E’s more peripheral tools at launch, all SpecLink-E functionality is available now.


New features have been added to SpecLink Cloud continuously since its launch. Speak with someone at RIB about the differences.

SpecLink delivers the industry’s best content through the most advanced software on the market. Built upon a robust master database, rather than static word processing files, you’ll get advanced capabilities that dramatically enhance your workflow.


1. Editing is faster, easier and more accurate in SpecLink.

Create specs up to 70% faster when you edit by inclusion, rather than deleting text you don’t need. As you make decisions within your project, intelligent links automatically include related requirements and exclude options that are contradictory. You can customize your own intelligent links to improve your efficiency and accuracy even more.


2. Work with the industry’s most comprehensive, up-to-date master database.
SpecLink’s intelligent database and automated reports help you avoid errors and omissions, and makes it simple to stay current with hassle-free, automatic updates. Continuous updates made by RIB’s in-house design professionals never disrupt workflow or affect your edits.


3. Synchronize specs with BIM models.
SpecLink is the industry’s first specification software to seamlessly synchronize your specifications with your Revit models and model objects. View your integrated BIM models and immediately evaluate the impact of changes as the design evolves.

Yes. Even if you can use your office master or a previous project spec without making any changes at all, preparing specs with SpecLink is much faster than word processing thanks to the following features:


Easy global formatting

Make changes to page format, paragraph numbering, headers/footers and more throughout your entire project—instantly, from one place. You can also produce a table of contents that includes page counts with a single click of the mouse.


Edit by inclusion

Editing by selecting text rather than deleting it dramatically speeds up editing. Simply select text to include from a user-friendly checklist. Unselected text is always available for future use, which makes it simple to re-use and modify previous projects.


Intelligent links

Related text is automatically triggered as you make selections. More than 300,000 color-coded links automatically include relevant provisions (green), exclude incompatible options (red), and highlight other related options for your consideration (yellow). You can also build your own custom linking.

SpecLink offers many exclusive, time-saving features that give you powerful advantages over other specification-writing methods.


  • Manage your specification project in a single database, rather than dozens of files. You can even generate short form or outline specs from the same project file you’ll use later for final construction documents.
  • Context-sensitive “notes to the specifier” provide expert insight to enhance your decision-making process. View the notes in a separate window, and add your own. Notes never “clutter up” the screen, and you don’t have to delete or hide them before printing.
  • Improve coordination and streamline collaboration with SpecLink’s cloud technology. Easily coordinate project plans and specs from a common data environment. Assess the impact of design changes immediately via BIM integration.
  • SpecLink’s powerful relational database technology allows you to automatically generate and print 30 different intuitive reports for any project, including lists of required submittals, manufacturers and more. Build your own custom reports for additional quality assurance and project insight.

Easily incorporate LEED and other sustainable design requirements (including LEED v4) in SpecLink. Automatically activate the appropriate provisions when you select from commonly used design solutions.

SpecLink contains the industry’s most comprehensive, up-to-date database of master specifications. Our on-staff design experts continuously update and add to a robust database that currently includes more than 1,100 sections spanning virtually all building disciplines.


The database also features lists of relevant building product manufacturers, appropriate reference standards, sustainable design provisions (including LEED v4), product selection guidance, and more.


SpecLink conforms to the 2004 – 2016 update edition of CSI’s MasterFormat™ and the CSI 3-Part SectionFormat™.  A handy reference to legacy MF95 Section Number and Name is also provided.


Reference Standards

SpecLink’s master specifications are the most up-to-date of any system on the market. Our master database includes citations to more than 3,000 reference standards, all of which are continuously verified and audited annually.


Our full-time staff of expert specification writers is augmented by independent consultants, user feedback, and a comprehensive technical review committee to ensure that all updates are accurate, comprehensive, and timely.


Hundreds of important changes are made each quarter, as opposed to word processing systems that are updated every six or seven years. SpecLink includes hyperlinks for more information about every reference standard, including access to all documents available through IHS, Inc.’s standards store or the issuing agency.

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Now with SpecLink Cloud, you can produce specifications 70% faster by collaborating across teams.

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