Integrated Project and Enterprise Platform

RIB 4.0

RIB 4.0 seamlessly integrates the entire enterprise project lifecycle, covering planning, construction, and operation, all on a single platform. With 6D BIM, it links 3D models, time, cost, and sustainability, offering a holistic solution that connects every element of your project: people, processes, and data. The outcome? Streamlined workflows, enhanced collaboration, increased productivity, and improved profit margins.

Why Choose RIB 4.0?

Streamline collaboration across multiple roles, projects, and workflows within a unified platform to foster efficient enterprise-wide teamwork.

Implement standardized workflows to minimize redundant administrative tasks and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Unify all individuals, projects, and data within a centralized hub to unleash peak productivity and unlock AI development potential.

Ensure that essential project information reaches the right individuals in real time, company-wide, through a secure, mobile-integrated system.

Features and Functionality

Workflow Management

RIB 4.0 creates customized workflows for enterprise and project-wide processes into a visual, structured environment.


Business Partner Management

You can keep track of project contracts and execution performance of every business partner and create partner evaluation with custom criteria.


Document Management

RIB 4.0 provides a centralized document library so all users can manage and share forms and records across the entire asset lifecycle.


Enterprise Data Management

Store all your project data automatically in one database to provide best practice templates and insights for future projects.


Resource Management

Preplan, schedule and optimize your resources allocation (equipment, employees, and materials) to maximize efficiencies.


Resource Control

Determine exactly who has access to what by establishing a company hierarchical structure for every RIB 4.0 user in your organization.


Suitable for


Enhance your efficiency and elevate your success by effectively and intelligently managing jobs and projects with an end-to-end platform.

Project Developer

Maximize return on investment by managing the master plan from investment planning to commissioning on one platform.


Create optimal projects by maintaining complete transparency throughout the entire project lifecycle, and ensure data is extendable to the operation phase.

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