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Shape The Future Of Construction

1 January, 2021
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Shape The Future Of Construction

Built on more than 100 years of experience, Oberndorfer is now Austrias leading precast and prefabrication production company. Being market leader, the company always seeks to find innovations and improvements to develop the “easiest and safest way of construction” and kept growing ever since. Already in 2000, when building the plant in Gunskirchen, Oberndorfer recognized the potential in RIB SAA and started a lasting partnership. Today, the Smart Production solutions not only run the multiple plants of Oberndorfer but, together with iTWO, form a holistic business solution – managing all processes.

Be Smart – Work Smart

“Using digitalisation and innovation we enable easy and safe construction.” – Vision of Oberndorfer

Digitalisation and state-of-the-art hardware building the communicational bridge between the master computer (MES) and the human workforce. Replacing outdated paperprints (often the reason for mistakes, misreads and errors), modern hardware displays all information not only in real time, but scalable, individual and prefiltered for the station placed. Furthermore, necessary prints are made at time and place when needed. Considering this the Smart Factory by RIB SAA not only follows the company’s vision but additionally is the first step towards a more sustainable production.

Retrofit to keep the pace

“Using modern production techniques is the only chance to cope with the increasing market demand. We are proud to say that we were able to optimize the production, and decrease failure, of our plant in Gunskirchen by modernising with RIB SAA.”

Outdated hard- and software not only slows down the production, it also causes major security and safety issues. To avoid this and keep the industry pace retrofitting is the RIB SAA answer. In a big project RIB SAA evaluated the excisting Hard- and Software, suggested updates and substitutes. The retrofit project in 2021 resulted in an 30% increase of productivity and massively decreased safety concerns.

Strong partners for innovation

While researching and expanding the production force, Oberndorfer found a reliable innovation partner in RIB SAA. While the Smart Production solutions ensure a state-of-the-art production in all plants of Oberndorfer. Together the partners develop new features, test new tools to improve the processes of production.

“The key for successful innovation is a reliable and encouraged partnership in which ideas and thoughts can be shared, discussed and tested. We are happy having found such a partner in RIB SAA.”


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