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Seamless Digital Process & Automated Production for Prefabrication

RIB One Prefab (formerly Smart Production)

RIB One Prefab is a fully integrated and digitalized production workflow for prefabrication. The intelligent software solution, with a centralized database, enables automated management of the whole prefabrication production process from sales and resource planning to production to logistics and mounting. With an intuitive user interface, the system simplifies workflow management, provides a visual overview of processes, and effortlessly supplies digital instructions to machinery.

Why Choose RIB One Prefab?

RIB One Prefab is the premier suite for all things off-site construction. Our wide range of products simplify work from the sales office to engineering to production planning to machine control and even stockyard and transport management.

By connecting your engineering, scheduling and production departments and the architects, planners and civil engineers, you can enable collaboration along the entire value chain, driving out inefficencies with a streamlined production workflow.

As partners of industrial precast production since its inception, we work tirelessly to raise the standards of what prefabrication can achieve. Working alongside top mechanical engineers and strategic consultants, we aim to take the construction industry into an age of automation and digitization. Our experienced consultants are readily available to cater to your needs with utmost priority. We collaborate with you to understand your existing business operations and assist you in integrating digital solutions and ensuring a smooth transition, all while addressing any technical hurdles that may arise.

The key to manufacturing lies in your network. Our support engineers are available around the clock to make sure nothing slows down your production lines.

Benefit from RIB One Prefab’s integration into the greater RIB Software ecosystem. Seamless integration with other modules allows for total control of the construction process, from inception to prefabrication to site management and through to facility management.


It begins with data. It is crucial to effectively manage and process a vast amount of building data before advancing to the production planning stage. That’s why our Smart Planning begins at the initial offer. Manage sales actions, project and procurement planning, and production planning—all in one place.

Derived from the 3D model, RIB PPS creates your offers, and also generates your planning board and production units and schedules worksteps along the prefabrication process, from engineering to manufacturing to installation.

Distribute production units to lines across multiple plants in accordance with project schedules. Easily assess capacities and make real-time decisions to ensure the seamless operation of your facility. Effortlessly transfer production data to your RIB One Prefab Master Computer, ensuring your planning board is always active and optimized.

Streamlined supply chain management and greater accuracy in cost tracking help manage costs, boost efficiency and improve productivity. Coordinate and control all stock for a smooth operation to meet client demands.

Leverage our intelligent solutions for real-time information, accurate estimations, and improved financial management. We pave the way for a more efficient and sustainable future for the prefab industry.


Automation and digitalization are pivotal to success. Utilizing planned data is crucial for ensuring high-quality and reliable production. While manual work remains indispensable, our goal is to empower your workers, enabling them to maintain productivity while upholding stringent quality standards. Automation allows for a focus on essential manual tasks, while digitalization enhances employee efficiency and accuracy.

RIBs MES is the key to digital manufacturing. It qualifies BIM data from all your projects and intelligently places your production units on tables in your shop. Deriving worksteps from the data, the Master Computer plans the production process across all workstations.

Ranging from pallet circulation to concrete spreaders to vibrating surfaces, from automatic shuttering and deshuttering to special robotics solutions handling insulation or special finishing needs, our control engineers are at the forefront of technology and know their way around all your hardware needs to improve robotics performance.

Move your paper trail to digital. Our Smart Station screens show all necessary information at the right workstation at the right time – no more printing out plans and instructions.

Follow your products on their way through the facility via QR-based tracking, automatically take pictures or videos of key process steps and evaluate product quality and plant performance based on the automated quality report.


RIB One Prefab extends its advantages beyond the factory gate and onto the construction site. In today’s world, being late with production or delivery is a thing of the past thanks to a holistic logistics approach. You can now stay on top of deadlines and transportation requirements right from the initial planning stages. You’ll have a clear plan for stacking, storage, and delivery for every single element, even before it’s manufactured. That’s logistics excellence in action.

Our logistics modules work with a range of hardware to keep track of your shipping units, ranging from handheld QR scanners to forklift mounted tablets all the way to a fully automated crane-loaded stockyard. Tailored to your specific warehouse needs, we strive to make logisitics planning as simple as possible.

By seamlessly integrating into the planning process, our transport planning moduless create sets of products optimized for transport and construction. These materials are grouped by construction site and section, resulting in well-organized packages that can be shipped and unloaded at the construction site without any delays or rearrangements.

Schedule installation activities and shipping on one planning board, guaranteeing on-time deliveries and minimizing the time products degrade at the construction site. Manage your installation teams as well as your equipment in the same platform as your products, and ensure a smooth and efficient installation process.

Modern GPS navigation systems enable precise tracking of every single item. After the store-in, the storage location is transmitted and saved on your logistics server, tracking each stack on your stockyard as well as during shipping. You and your customers will always know where a specific part is.

What Our Clients Say


Elevate Your Stationary Precast Production with RIB One Prefab

Integrate, Automate, and Optimize Your Precast Operations from Planning to Production

RIB MES is your conduit to meticulously planning and controlling every facet of stationary production. With a backbone of automated planning, pallet nesting and intelligent delivery packages, the leap in production time is significant.

Engage in seamless production of diverse precast elements – be it prestressed flat precast concrete parts, solid walls or slabs on long-line beds. The benefits are palpable: superior quality, optimized processes, and heightened productivity. Now, couple this with RIB Automation, our control systems for all machines necessary in the precast process, from concrete spreaders to vibrating tables and you’re steering a highly efficient stationary precast plant.

Harness the prowess of MES Visuals, projecting precise plans onto the pallet, guiding workers through each step ensuring correct placements. With RIB MES at the helm, revel in streamlined production planning, maximizing your plant’s output through optimal pallet nesting across projects. Embrace Smart Station Technology; touch screens deliver real-time information right at the work stations, significantly cutting down paper usage, and propelling efficiency. Every detail, every process, finely tuned and meticulously orchestrated, ensuring a lean, productive prefab plant ready for the demands of modern construction. Experience the future of precast production with RIB’s innovative solutions.

But we don’t stop there. Extend the automation and digitalization streak with RIB PPS, our adept production planning and scheduling software, orchestrating the whole precast process from procurement to installation. Couple this with our scalable warehouse/stockyard operating solutions, and you’ve got a comprehensive, streamlined operation.

Elevate your stationary precast operations to a pinnacle of efficiency and quality with RIB’s tailored software solutions. Dive deeper into how RIB One Prefab and RIB PPS can redefine your precast production. Contact us today.

Elevate Your Stationary Precast Production with RIB One Prefab

Streamlined Production Flow, Enhanced Efficiency

At the heart of modern precast production lies the synergy between meticulously planned circulatory systems and innovative automation technology, all under the proficient oversight of RIB MES. With a comprehensive grasp on every nuance of the precast production process, RIB MES orchestrates a smooth, efficient, and cost-effective production journey from inception to completion.

Delve into a realm where precision-engineered workstations and machines, such as shuttering robots, concrete spreaders, and tilting tables, are the stalwarts of production excellence. The circulatory system, a marvel of engineering, seamlessly interacts with these machines, all under the vigilant control of RIB Automation. This robust integration ensures the flawless creation of a myriad of precast products including floor slabs, double walls, and other bespoke concrete elements. The choreography between the circulatory system and the machines, directed by RIB MES, exemplifies a modern, efficient, and scalable production environment.

Extend your control and precision with additional modules of RIB MES. The MES Smart Laser module elevates precision, saving time by aiding workers in achieving pinpoint accuracy. Meanwhile, MES Smart Stations streamline operations by furnishing workers with crucial information on-the-go, significantly reducing management overhead. Not to be overlooked, the MES Quality Management module is your watchdog for quality, meticulously tracking and ensuring the highest standards are met, thereby reducing defects and the subsequent need for reworks.

Transitioning beyond the bustling factory floor, venture into a realm of seamless operations with RIB PPS. This production planning and scheduling marvel ensures a smooth sail from procurement to installation. For the quintessence of organization, our Stockyard/Warehouse solutions are your go-to. Beginning with precise stacking of units, evolve your operations from handheld/QR-based systems to fully automated cranes, ensuring scalability and efficiency every step of the way.

Embrace the future of precast production with us. Reach out today and explore how our holistic solutions, driven by the prowess of RIB MES and Automation, can elevate your precast production operations to a pinnacle of efficiency, quality, and profitability.

Streamlined Production Flow, Enhanced Efficiency

Precision Production Planning and Scheduling

Introducing RIB PPS, an integral component of the RIB 4.0 ecosystem, tailored specifically for precasters, prefab, and modular construction companies. This platform is engineered to take charge of your precast plants, ensuring projects are produced efficiently and delivered on time to the construction site.

RIB PPS synchronizes your data between stakeholders and their software, solving the issue of siloed data and manual conversion of files. By providing a single, central data hub, it streamlines office tasks, planning, and scheduling work, making information easily accessible and actionable. This centralized approach facilitates better communication and coordination among teams, regardless of where your plants are located.

Your precast, prefab or modular plants are the lifeblood of your construction journey, and RIB PPS is engineered to be in absolute command of them. With the flexibility to produce elements in any plant appropriate, it ensures timely arrival at the construction site, irrespective of where your plants are located. The transition from planning to production is simplified, promoting tighter planning and a harmonious production handover. Within the RIB PPS ecosystem, every stakeholder is equipped with a clear roadmap, catalyzing an effortless transition from the drawing board to the field. The result? Your projects evolve from sketches to tangible structures swiftly and accurately.

With RIB PPS, the production handover process is simplified. It is designed to enable tighter planning by providing clear and effective production handover procedures within the RIB One Prefab ecosystem, enabling RIB MES and RIB Automation to reach even further. This translates to smoother transitions from planning to production, ensuring projects stay on track and on budget.

When it comes to stockyard management and transport scheduling, RIB PPS stands out. It helps in planning and monitoring the transportation of your precast products from the plant to the construction site. In this way we ensure that the right products arrive at the right place at the right time, contributing to project timeliness and overall efficiency.

RIB PPS’s integration with the RIB 4.0 ecosystem amplifies its capabilities, offering a harmonized platform for managing various facets of your construction projects. The unified system enhances visibility, control, and coordination across all stages of your construction projects.

Step into a realm of enhanced operational efficiency with RIB PPS. Enhance your production, scheduling, and delivery processes to meet the demands of modern construction projects. Reach out to us today and discover how RIB PPS can be the catalyst for achieving streamlined operations and higher project success rates.

Precision Production Planning and Scheduling

Welcome to Modern Construction Planning

Looking to make your construction process smoother? Our RIB PPS Transport and Installation Scheduling Module is here to help! This software is crafted for construction firms aiming to better manage their transport and installation schedules. It helps you handle installation tasks, organize transport logistics, and easily create detailed reports.

Our module replaces manual steps with automated ones, making it simpler to request resources, allocate them, and sketch out transport plans. This digital shift reduces manual errors, boosts efficiency, and saves precious time. Plus, our module integrates with your current systems, making the switch easy and beneficial right away.

Being a part of the wider RIB 4.0 framework, our module streamlines processes along your entire supply chain. Every phase, from early planning to final billing, is linked and automated. This doesn’t just simplify your workflow, it also gives you a clear picture of your operations, helping you make smarter decisions and enhanced project outcomes.

Ready to advance on your digital journey? Explore the modern way of construction planning with our RIB PPS Transport and Installation Scheduling Module. Get in touch with us to discover how our software can enhance your construction operations.

Welcome to Modern Construction Planning

Powered by RIB One Prefab

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