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Scheduling & Resource Management

In the scheduling and resourcing stage of a project lifecycle, tasks and activities need to be structured and organized. It is important to determine the start and end dates of each activity to define the project workflow and identify dependencies. Ensuring the required resources are available in the right quantities at the right time helps to optimize costs and schedule. RIB Software boasts a versatile suite of solutions suitable for any project stage.

What does RIB offer?

RIB’s fit-for-purpose industry-leading software delivers a complete solution designed to cater to every stage of your AEC industry project

RIB 4.0

With RIB 4.0, you can efficiently manage and monitor operations, schedules, and resources in real-time throughout the entire lifecycle of your construction project. This innovative solution combines proven tools, such as the Gantt chart, with the latest location-based information and seamlessly integrates with modules for modeling, estimation, and procurement.

RIB 4.0 connects BIM models with time and cost data to help contractors and subcontractors plan activities, monitor resource allocation and optimize cost. You are able to build faster, smarter and greener using intelligent real-time data.

  1. Centralize the resource management process to eliminate information silos
  2. Allocate the right resources at the right time
  3. Leverage 5D simulation to reduce rework and risk.

RIB 4.0

RIB Candy

Providing a powerful critical path network designed specifically for the built environment, the planning and scheduling tools within RIB Candy are designed to be used effectively by non-planners and professionals alike. Together with RIB Candy Estimating, a user also has access to cash flow analysis and cost/value forecasts, as well as a variety of resource histograms.

RIB Candy provides planners with a powerful tool to link time, money and cost for accurate planning, forecasting and cash flow projection. This ensures that planners and contractors are able to preplan, schedule and optimize resources with speed.

  1. Resource planning, allocation, histograms and levelling in one easy system.
  2. Long Lead and Information Schedules for tracking and recording off-network operations and responsibilities.
  3. The resources used in the BOQ analysed against the program can also be plotted as histograms. Changes to either the program or the estimate will immediately be reflected in the forecast and/or histogram.
  4. Estimate information is available in the program for accurate Forecasting and Cashflow analysis.

RIB Candy

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