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What Impacts Construction Productivity & What To Do About It

June 27, 2021
6 mins read

what impacts construction productivity

Research shows that construction companies that embrace digitisation can improve productivity by 50 – 60%. Implement digital solutions today and boost construction productivity in your business.

One of the major problems in the construction industry is productivity. Construction productivity is not improving as rapidly as the industry is developing. Many projects are held back due to issues of productivity, and it’s something that all contractors and construction companies need to address.

What is slowing down productivity and what can we do about it? We’ve outlined some of the most important areas that impact productivity below.

7 Factors That Influence Productivity In Construction

1. Poor Planning

Preconstruction planning is essential for a productive project ahead. One of the biggest problems that could occur in any construction project is a lack of planning at the start. This could lead to various on-site challenges and delays to follow.

For example, insufficient project planning could result in a lack of necessary equipment available on-site when needed. This could cause a major delay in productivity.

Poor planning can also lead to confusion in the workflow ahead. If all individuals involved in the project are not on the same page, then each process takes a lot longer to manage.

2. Materials Planning and Management

Beyond just planning the workflow of the project, proper materials planning is crucial, too.

If material estimates are not accurate, then the right amount of building materials won’t be available when needed. This will cause unnecessary delays in the construction schedule and negatively impact productivity.

3. Slow Decision Making

Construction projects often run into speedbumps during their course. When this happens, contractors need to make fast, informed decisions for each scenario.

One of the big things that could impact construction productivity is contractors’ abilities to make fast decisions. This is because they might not have access to the right information to make a quick yet informed decision.

So, it’s vital that project managers are able to easily access all the relevant data around the project. This is where a smart construction management solution like BuildSmart comes in. The right software allows contractors to make fast and smart decisions.

4. Fatigue and Overtime

Construction is tiring work that relies heavily on manual processes. If construction workers are tired and overworked, this can severely affect their productivity.

When construction managers expect too much from their workers, it ends up having a negative effect on productivity. Being able to balance work with time off and strategic breaks is essential.

5. Project Changes

Changes that occur during a project can slow down productivity significantly. Sometimes changes are out of control. However, they can also come from a lack of planning.

To avoid changes delaying a project, there needs to be a clear set of project information available at all times. All stakeholders need to be able to get involved in responding to changes straight away. Having a good construction management solution here is crucial!

6. Poor Workmanship

A common factor that impacts construction productivity is poor workmanship or a lack of skills. If a task is done incorrectly, then it will need to be redone. This is expensive and time-consuming.

Construction managers need to make sure that all their workers are properly trained and briefed on all tasks before construction begins. If everything is done correctly from the start, the project should run smoothly.

7. Communication

Communication and productivity are very closely linked. If there is a poor level of communication throughout a project, then there is a big chance of the project veering off course.

Communication needs to remain clear and concise between everyone involved in the project. This includes communication between managers and construction workers, architects, engineers, subcontractors, and clients.

Using Technology to Enhance Construction Productivity

In order to respond to these productivity issues, construction companies need to use the right technology. Adopting a digital approach is necessary for improving planning, project management and communication.

It aligns information across the company so that all stakeholders can easily access the data they need. With a central system, you can make faster, smarter decisions with real-time analysis. This plays a vital role in enhancing productivity throughout your company.


Productivity should be a major focus for any contractor. Understanding common factors that impact construction productivity is important. It helps companies improve the way projects are planned and managed.

Contractors need to pay attention to all the points listed above and apply the right technology to enhance these processes. By focusing on each of these areas, you can vastly improve your construction operations.