Procurement Manager

Procurement managers play a crucial role in the complete procurement process, encompassing the acquisition of essential materials, equipment, and services for a project. Their responsibilities extend to monitoring the timely availability of resources, and fostering effective relationships with suppliers and subcontractors for sustained productivity. With comprehensive expertise in sourcing, vendor management, and contract negotiation, they contribute significantly to supporting stakeholders in project execution. RIB Software provides an array of tools tailored to assist procurement managers.

What does RIB offer?

RIB’s purpose-built software offers a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the unique requirements of every stakeholder within the AEC industry

RIB 4.0

RIB 4.0 supports procurement managers through a fully integrated procurement process, covering services, materials, and equipment. The software enables detailed planning and control of the entire supply chain, including the precise delineation of deliveries and services for accurate performance measurement.

RIB 4.0 provides procurement managers with a comprehensive, integrated procurement process that improves efficiency and eliminates additional costs.

  1. Construction-specific and company-wide procurement of materials, equipment, and services
  2. Standardized and automated processes through consistent workflow integration, such as authorization and approval activities
  3. Early integration of all project phases through 5D BIM, integrating scheduling and cost estimation.

RIB 4.0

RIB BuildSmart

RIB BuildSmart’s procurement module provides strict control of procurement processes. This enables secure management of the complete requisition – purchase order – delivery – invoice reconciliation – payment cycle. Combined with the upstream control of resources from RIB Candy via client-specific workflows, margin projection can be achieved, this provides a complete and controlled procure-to-pay cycle – in one system.

RIB BuildSmart procurement is seamlessly integrated with RIB Candy, working directly with RIB Candy’s shopping list, thereby empowering procurement teams to play an effective role in the organizations cost control.

1. Direct link to contract resources allowing control at quantity, rate and total level
2. Enhanced budget visibility throughout the procurement process
3. Highly configurable workflow approval processes
4. Securely manage the complete procure-to-pay cycle.

RIB BuildSmart

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