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Washirika 3 Oaks

29 April, 2022
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Washirika 3 Oaks


Commercial Construction


Washirika 3 Oaks


In 2014, after several years of successful operation, 3 Oaks Property Development merged with Washirika Design & Build to form a brand-new commercial contracting business focused on quality, integrity and transparency.

If you’re a small-to-medium sized construction company there is no reason you shouldn’t be looking at BuildSmart.

Gavin Morrow, Director
Washirika 3 Oaks

Today, Washirika 3 Oaks offers construction solutions to clients across various industries including healthcare, education, industrial and residential; with ABSA and Standard Bank being two of the company’s largest retail clients.

Current W3O projects include:

  • The construction of a second supply plant for Koeberg Power Station, and
  • A turnkey project for a nuclear medical research institute at the Steve Biko Academic Hospital.

The Challenge:

Big projects involve big numbers and, for this reason, require a big-picture approach to understand where a construction project stands at any given moment. From a financial and programming perspective, W3O lacked real-time controls which led to an inability to accurately monitor their projects.

Without a real-time solution in place, the company relied solely on spreadsheets and historical data; which resulted in financial challenges and overspend only being identified months after they had occurred.

The Solution:

After a particular project suffered setbacks linked to the historical nature of their existing workflow, Director Gavin Morrow approached RIB for a real-time solution that would address their pains.

Designed with real-time analysis at its core, BuildSmart was put forward as the enterprise management system designed to meet their needs. By leveraging the benefits of best practice and years of contracting experience, this solution provides construction and engineering companies with an immediate advantage thanks to its fully integrated and cloud-based nature.

The Result:

As of writing, W3O are midway through the implementation of BuildSmart but the benefits experienced so far include:

  • Real-time control and analysis of financial data, with the ability to identify and prevent overspend as it occurs.
  • Significant time savings and increased accuracy when managing payments thanks to batch processing. Now, where 20 payments used to take half an hour, they can be done in five minutes.
  • Expert use of the software thanks to world-class training and support via online channels.

For Washirika 3 Oaks, as their BuildSmart journey continues, they can expect even greater benefits that will help them run an even more successful construction business. Watch this space for updates.