The Largest Library of Best Practice Dashboards Tailored to the Construction Industry


RIB BI+ is state-of-the-art construction analytics software that offers companies in the industry centralized access to all their data. The user-friendly interface of BI+ enables all business users, regardless of their analytical knowledge, to generate professional construction dashboards with interactive visuals that boost strategic decision-making and project efficiency. Accessing project data in real-time helps decision-makers control costs, increase planning quality, optimize budget development, and prevent any issues thanks to live progress tracking.

Why Choose RIB BI+?

An intuitive drag-and-drop interface enables you to generate interactive dashboards without writing a single line of code. All you need to do is drag and drop the desired field into the analyzer, and you’ll have visually stunning charts built in seconds. With this functionality, non-technical users can easily integrate construction data analytics into their workflows.

Professional data connectors allow users to combine data from multiple sources to get a 360-degree view of all operations. This level of integration will enable decision-makers to define and optimize project timelines, estimate costs, and track progress thanks to real-time updates. Features like this one eliminate the need for manual data manipulation, making data analysis in construction more accurate and agile.

Benefit from an intelligent KPI monitoring system with over 300 KPIs tailored to the use cases of the construction industry. Smart KPI tracking allows you to monitor the progress of different tasks and strategies to keep you informed and proactive. Your chosen KPIs can be visualized together in an interactive construction dashboard that can be easily explored thanks to powerful filters and functionalities.

One of our software’s most powerful features is the ability to access real-time data. With so many moving parts, construction projects need a reliable source of information to support strategic decisions. RIB BI+ uses classic thresholds and artificial intelligence to automatically overview important metrics around the clock.

The construction industry is more competitive than ever, and relying solely on expertise or intuition to make decisions is no longer enough to stand out. Data analytics in construction allow you to draw critical business and financial insights by monitoring equipment inventory or evaluating activities on construction sites in real-time, making the entire decision-making process more transparent and accurate.

Features and Functionality

Alarms Overview

Our intelligent data alerts powered by AI technologies, such as neural networks, pattern recognition, and machine learning, have self-learning capabilities that allow you to find data patterns, anomalies, and seasonality. All you need to do is set predefined parameters, and the software will automatically alert you if a target is reached or if any other unforeseen occurrences are found in your data.

Having such functionality not only eliminates the pain of constantly checking the data for changes but also helps you stay ahead of any issues or unexpected situations.

Dashboard Overview

Benefit from 25+ construction dashboard templates containing industry-specific KPIs that empower all teams to share insights and collaborate through the use of data. The drag-and-drop interface allows users to generate their own dashboards or adapt existing ones with just a few clicks.

A range of interactive filters can be added to the dashboards to bring the data to life and answer any questions that arise during the analysis process. The information contained in the dashboards is updated in real-time, giving construction companies the power to adapt their strategies based on factual insights instead of pure intuition.

RIB BI+ dashboards can be customized to meet the specific needs of the company and the different projects for a tailored analytical experience. Dashboards can be easily shared with various stakeholders and accessed through a range of devices.

Analyzer Overview

Connect data to RIB BI+ to generate insights and visualize them in an interactive construction analytics dashboard. The Analyzer is broken down into three main areas: the data source structure, the chart creator, and the chart designer, to help teams create charts and KPIs with just a few clicks.

In addition to our intuitive drag-and-drop interface, our software also provides advanced analytical features to take your data to the next level. Users can efficiently perform cross-queries between different databases to get a complete analysis or generate custom fields to analyze various scenarios and extract deeper insights from the data.

Connect Overview

Connect all RIB product data sources to one central point of access with state-of-the-art integration capabilities. Connecting all project data in a centralized location enhances efficiency, collaboration, productivity, and the project’s overall outcome.

Disparate sources of information have long been an issue for the industry. Construction companies require a single source of truth for all project data to avoid any misunderstandings and discrepancies between the different teams. With intelligent integration capabilities, this issue is eliminated leaving space for an enhanced flow of up-to-date data that keeps everyone informed and working together.


Report Overview

Get an overview of existing reports and standardize or customize reports based on specific requirements. Teams can decrease redundancy, avoid errors in data, and generate weekly or monthly reports by setting up automation.

Reports can be easily shared in a number of formats to boost communication and collaboration. A role management function allows you to define who can access and edit the data to ensure transparency, accountability, and security when sharing and accessing reports.

Suitable for


Decision-critical information distributed across different systems, documents, and stakeholders can be assembled in one place—enabling key decision-makers in the company to drive insights for the future.

Operational teams

By providing access to all relevant information, RIB BI+ empowers operational teams to be in sync with each other, collaborate and get full transparency into the operational process. Multiple overviews allow operational teams to track metrics and make informed decisions.

Data analysts

An extensive library of best practice dashboards assesses abstracted, polished data meaningfully. Analysts can make cross-database queries, such as comparing sales revenue and customer signups, to understand the business.

RIB BI+ Construction Analytics FAQs

Construction analytics is the process of collecting, analyzing, and monitoring data to improve capital project outcomes, reduce risks, and uncover critical insights with the help of real-time data and automated construction reports, consolidated from multiple sources.


By connecting these data sources, building companies have the chance to simplify the whole construction process by combining financial data, corporate data, schedules, deadlines, and other critical elements of successful project management in construction. It’s fairly known that this industry is one of the most complex webs of different business touchpoints and holds the enormous potential of untapped data, often hidden in several systems and solutions. That’s why professional construction analytics software can help you turn these immense amounts of data into cost-efficient, sustainable, and actionable results.

The construction industry is known for its resistance to change. However, in today’s fast-paced world, the traditional way of doing things is no longer enough to stay ahead of competitors. Construction data analytics has emerged as one of the most powerful tools to boost construction companies’ efficiency, productivity, and profitability. A 360-degree view of a project’s operational and strategic aspects can help you optimize every part to ensure maximum success.


In a sector where underestimating costs and misjudging variables that influence the final result can cause business disasters, it’s imperative to consolidate and integrate data and analytics into the entire project lifecycle. Making strategic decisions based solely on experience can derail your efforts, costing you more time and money. Construction data analysis allows you to make important decisions in real-time to ensure no resources are wasted. RIB BI+ allows you to generate ad-hoc queries to answer any urgent questions that arise on-site or during office meetings, helping you stay ahead of competitors with better project outcomes and enhanced collaboration.

The construction sector generates massive volumes of information and needs tools tailored for day-to-day management and long-term strategies. Working with specialized construction management software, companies have the opportunity to dynamically interact with multiple business touchpoints through powerful data visualization and customizable construction reports that will enable each user to generate actionable insights. This is important as these solutions are fully adjustable to the digital transformation that the construction industry is also a part of. Traditional means of data analysis, such as static presentations, multiple spreadsheets, and paper reports, no longer serve the needs of the construction industry. On the contrary, they slow down and influence capacities, cause communication issues, and increase the chances of making errors that cause immense bottlenecks in time management and costs.


With the help of specialized construction business intelligence software, processes such as defect analytics, procurement management, estimates, quality management, or various overviews (e.g., project or risk) are easily visualized through modern construction dashboards. Making better-informed decisions is just one click away.


Among the many benefits of construction analytics, we highlight:


  • Improved accuracy by removing the guesswork from the decision-making process.
  • Data-backed decisions for better planning, resource management, safety strategies, quality control, construction cost estimation, and overall project management.
  • Enhanced construction collaboration and communication thanks to a single source of truth and 24/7 data accessibility.
  • Fewer project overruns are possible thanks to the ability to identify issues in real-time and mitigate them before they cause any damage. 


The most successful construction companies have introduced interactive reporting in the form of professional dashboards into their operations in order to connect different areas of the project, from scheduling and budgeting to optimizing the project development and ensuring the work is delivered on time. By introducing professional construction dashboards, project leaders, architects, construction managers, and the whole management team can gain a clear overview of the most critical metrics and milestones, resolving countless administrative hours and increasing construction productivity.


A professional construction project dashboard will not only enable you to gain a holistic overview of the most important business processes but also immediately spot potential inefficiencies and mitigate risks. Not to mention the value of predictive analytics in the construction industry since you can utilize modern solutions such as machine learning, forecast engines, and advanced mathematical processes to foresee future project scenarios. This is important not only for the planning stage but also to ease the stress around the whole project management process and give a glimpse into the future that will help with the current decision-making process.

In recent decades, construction firms have started to heavily transition to the digital age, and that includes modern analytics. Allowing managers to quickly analyze and react to project data while relying on smart digital construction solutions has become a standard principle in evaluating project planning, performance, and final results. On a daily basis, analytical solutions have the power to alert project management teams, reconcile data that is stored in disparate systems, and create a form that is not only visually pleasing but effective and digitally accessible to the whole team.


The value of construction business intelligence and analytics for project management is not only focused on automation, predictive analytics, machine learning, or progress dashboards but also on deriving insights that will transform your construction company into a more sustainable one that uses data as a focal point for generating growth. Companies will need to adapt to these processes as capitalizing on insights hidden in data is becoming more and more essential; otherwise, construction projects will become a source of endless costs and project delays. The point is to identify problems before they occur and lead the project to save time and expenses with the help of professional construction project management software.

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