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RIB Project

RIB Project is a powerful cloud-based solution to manage and share documents across a large workforce – securing seamless coordination, efficiency and productivity. It connects people, processes and data from the office-to-field. Teams can improve outcomes, reduce risk and get full traceability from precon to closeout.

Why Choose RIB Project?

Manage and share all project data, 3D models and 2D drawings from precon to closeout, connect disperse teams, and ensure seamless collaboration for smooth workflows.

Reduce rework, delays and miscommunication with standardized, automated workflows and approval procedures.

Keep track of all project documentation in one place and resolve any potential disputes using the non-editable audit trail.

Field and office teams can communicate in real-time and work productively across multiple devices and locations.

Features and Functionality

Work Space

The work space helps to manage all documents, drawings, models, reports and schedules in one place. Teams can get standardized processes and optimize time spent on managing and retrieving documents​. Data is structured and teams can keep track of all file versions and revisions​. This functionality helps to minimize the costs or delays caused by lost or misplaced files​ or documents, and improve collaboration right from the start.


Publication Space

The publication space enables teams to share and publish all approved documents for increased visibility. Approval workflows ensures effective handling of approved documents and help reduce misunderstandings​. New versions and revisions will automatically be shared lowering the risk of errors and outdated data. Teams can control phase documentation, prevent misunderstandings and inappropriate duplications with version set control.


Targeted Distribution Of Documents​

Automatic distribution of approved documents guarantees that the right people receive the right material at the right time. It empowers teams to get clear communication and full traceability. Teams can avoid delays and additional time spent in retrieving important documentation.


2D, 3D & integrated BIM viewer

An integrated BIM viewer ensures swift collaboration around drawings and models. BIM is accessible for all project stakeholders​ with no extra cost for expensive licenses. Teams can get complete visibility and increase the ease of construction.

2D, 3D & integrated BIM viewer

Instant Notifications And Compare Files

Instant notifications make sure issues, changes and RFI’s are communicated fast​ to relevant stakeholders. Access to the latest changes improve coordination and productivity between teams in the office and the field. Teams can compare different file versions, get full visibility and track changes made over time.


Complete Audit Trail

An audit trail that comprises full documentation of projects reducing costly errors and rework. Teams can dive into who accessed, viewed, changed or removed a document at a certain time, and resolve potential disputes faster.


Tender And Bid Management

Digital tender and bid management are designed to ensure easy paperwork, handle compliance, and automate the entire process securely. When tender material is distributed directly to the bidders, and bids are submitted digitally through the RIB tender platform, it saves both time and resources for all involed parties.


Online Copy Of Your Data

A complete online copy of the company’s data from RIB project enables teams access to data and documentation can be recreated. Beyond owners, it gives access to other project participants who often have difficulties documenting phases and deliverables exactly as they looked like, when they no longer have access to the project’s files, metadata, and audit trail at a later time.


Suitable for


Owners can take control of the project in the simplest way possible. RIB Project facilitates seamless collaboration between project stakeholders, reduces costs of changes, and avoids emissions caused by waste and rework. It ensures full documentation of the process, better quality and full transparency on all projects.

General Contractor

General contractors can document workflows consistently in the cloud, adhere to key industry standards and confidently share documents across a large workforce. RIB ​Project reduces costly changes and rework by closely working from the latest plans and documents. Teams can connect from the office and the field, experience better collaboration and improve productivity.

Project Manager

RIB Project connects the entire team in the cloud. Project managers and other team members can view all project information, whether it is 2D drawings, 3D models, or other project documentation. Teams can digitize and standardize work processes, improve coordination to stay up-to-date and deliver projects on time and within budget.

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