Save Time and Resources with an Online
Copy of Data

About RIB Vault

Using RIB Vault, you gain full access to an online copy of your company’s data from RIB Project, enabling you to recreate documentation and maintain data accessibility. When you establish a Vault sequence within your project, you capture an accurate snapshot of all data accessible to you and your colleagues at the moment the sequence is generated.

Download the RIB Vault Brochure


  • Complete online copy of your RIB Project data
  • Recreate what a project looked like at an earlier stage of the project cycle, including all files, metadata, and history that your company’s users had access to
  • Documentation of phases and deliverables
  • Save time looking for data and significantly optimize the review process
  • Indespensible in the event of questions, doubts or disputes

How Can RIB Vault Help Your Business?

When searching for data and files to document a specific project phase or other crucial deliverables at a particular project stage, it can often be a time-consuming and resource-intensive task. With RIB Vault, you have the capability to create one or more sequences that provide a precise snapshot of the project at a specific moment, capturing it from one or more users’ perspectives along with access to relevant data.

Subsequently, when the need arises to review or document a deliverable, or in case of a dispute, you can effortlessly locate your sequence and access the relevant data foundation. This includes comprehensive metadata, file history, log files, and version sets. You also have the option to compare multiple sequences and switch between different users, enabling you to visualize the project from various users’ perspectives and their data access.