Save time and eliminate non-compliance risks in your handovers

RIB Digital Handover

RIB Digital Handover streamlines the handover process of O&M data and bridges the gaps between construction and operations teams. Using the same resources, teams can accelerate time to operations after handover and get an O&M plan that is ready to use from day one.

Why Choose RIB Digital Handover?

Get a simple and systematic process for collecting O&M data during construction ensuring that the building is ready for operation upon handover.

Specify and prioritize data requirements, and get standardized, searchable and accurate O&M data with full documentation.

Eliminate non-compliance risks by having all relevant O&M data in one place where it is easy to locate all correct warranties, maintenance schedules and data sheets​.

All data is quality controlled and validated by multiple reviewers​, so you are secured the right data in high quality​.

When O&M data and the future maintenance are considered early in the process, all relevant stakeholders and competencies can be included, creating a stronger foundation for successful and cost-effective operations.

Features and Functionality

Import components or create manually

Data from the project’s BIM model can be used to form the basis for the handover, and components can be imported into RIB Digital Handover with IFC or they can be created manually.

Import components or create manually

Specify Data Requirements For O&M

Define and prioritize data requirements for all assets, ensuring the operations teams have all the right data available for operations and maintenance of the building. No manual or time-consuming sorting of data after handover accelerates the time to operations.


Collect Data On Components

Contractors enter the required data and documentation for O&M, and all data is structured in the same way. All data is digital, searchable and easy to review.


Quality Assurance Of Data

All delivered operational material is quality controlled by reviewers. Catch problems and errors, and reduce both cost and extra time spent on rework. ​This functionality allows approval and validation workflows that fit the teams’ needs and standards, and will secure high quality data.


Statistics And Reporting

Dashboards give a real-time overview of handover status and progress. Easily generate reports on components and data in the RIB Digital Handover, follow up with stakeholders who are behind schedule in handling data and avoid delays.


Complete And Compliant Data

It is easy to locate all correct warranties, maintenance schedules & data sheets for teams in the office and on site. This functionality is highly reliable because there are no missing data or inaccurate formats​, which reduces warenty risks and extra cost due to lack of maintenance.


Operate From Day One

Get an O&M plan that is ready to use from day one. You can export data to the facilities management system of choice​. When maintained correctly the building is healthier and more efficient. Create better outcome and long-term value in the building’s lifecycle.​


Suitable for


Collect data from day one of the project and lower the risk of delays, ensuring the building is ready for operation upon handover. The process is not time-consuming because there is no manual sorting of data after handover​. Teams can demonstrate compliance, reduce extra costs for assets due to lack of maintenance and result in cost-effective operations.

General Contractors

Collect standardized, digital and accurate as-built records from the project’s stakeholders and handover the building to clients on time. General contractors can save components as well as all the data in the database and reuse for the next handover. The solution is flexible and easily adapts to each project.

Facility Manager

Get complete and accurate asset information at project handover and transform collected O&M data from information into knowledge. Facility Managers have quick and easy digital access to critical building information and access to all operation and maintenance data at the office and on-site. This helps to achieve better outcome and create long-term value in the building’s lifecycle from the start.

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