Secure and Efficient Digital Bids

About RIB Tender

With RIB Tender, your entire process is digitally managed on the same tendering platform. RIB Tender supports individual customer needs and all forms of digital tenders. Digital tendering is safe and efficient, and ensures simple handling of tenders throughout each phase. Full anonymity is ensured and RIB Tender complies with all applicable EU laws.

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  • Tendering authority can specify delivery requirements which ensures comparable bids.
  • Full traceability for all actions throughout the tender process.
  • All file formats can be viewed and printed directly without downloading applications.
  • Tendering authority can review and comment on each bid for simplified preliminary sorting.
  • Tenderers are notified several times before deadline to ensure all bids are submitted in time.
  • Results are simultaneously and directly reported to all participants.
  • Bids can only be submitted if they meet the submission requirements, ensuring bid quality.

How can RIB Tender Help Your Business?

Experience has demonstrated that allowing bidders online access to tender opportunities via RIB Tender can result in reducing tendering costs for construction projects by as much as 90%. This shift to digital tendering can deliver substantial value to your upcoming construction projects.

By purposefully distributing tender materials directly to bidders and enabling digital submission through the RIB Tender platform, both time and resources are conserved. This secure and efficient method not only saves time and resources but also eliminates the need for printing and distribution costs, providing you with comprehensive documentation of the entire process.