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2D/3D Take-off & Estimating

The 2D/3D take-off stage involves extraction of quantities, measurements, and specs from 2D and 3D design models or drawings. In comparison to the 2D/3D approach, the model-based BIM approach offers significant advantages – allowing for quick extraction of precise quantities, dimensions, and specs from CAD models. The estimating stage entails assessment and quantification of all costs associated with the project’s design, materials, labor, equipment, and overhead expenses. RIB Software has a product for every project stage.

What does RIB offer?

RIB’s fit-for-purpose industry-leading software delivers a complete solution designed to cater to every stage of your AEC industry project

RIB 4.0

The integrated calculation functions in RIB 4.0 ensure precise optimization of quantities and costs, both in alphanumeric and model-based forms. This takes into account not only project-specific factors like material costs, labor costs, equipment costs, overhead, and the schedule but also cross-project aspects like resource availability, risk criteria, and potential rework in the calculation.

by business intelligence functionality, RIB 4.0 supports contractors, developers and owners to interact with enormous amounts of data. In doing so, they are able to maximize cost efficiency and manage records across the asset lifecycle.

  1. Generate multiple performance specifications per project with varying structural layouts of object numbers
  2. Make the most of flexible organizational structures through calculation items
  3. Perform line-based calculation with a hierarchical resource structure.

RIB 4.0


RIB CostX is hardwired to produce estimates across all design stages, all project types, and locations. It supports a range of BIM & 2D files which allows teams to measure quantities and estimate costs quickly and accurately.

RIB CostX is the backbone for quantity surveying firms, contractors and developers to produce comprehensive estimates. With estimates live-linked directly to the measured dimensions and cost database, they are able to eliminate errors and increase accuracy.

  1. Comprehensive 5D BIM capabilities allow to future-proof your business
  2. Avoid re-measure: the Auto-Revisioning functionality means changes are never missed
  3. Powerful spreadsheet-based workbooks help to create customized client outputs.


RIB Candy

RIB Candy’s Quantity Take-off module provides an on-screen take-off solution that allows you to seamlessly add or extract quantity information from 2D drawings and electronically compile BOQs – all fully integrated with Candy’s powerful Estimating and Project controls that enables an accurate foundation for your estimate, progress and final account measurements.

Using the built-in Quantity Take-Off system, construction professionals can seamlessly and digitally compile/update BOQ information using PDF and CAD drawing formats. Users can measure estimating and valuation quantities directly and utilize this data across all aspects of the project control process.

  1. User customised templates can be created for fast and accurate measurements in repetitive measures
  2. Dynamic link and references to the BOQ for accurate pricing calculations
  3. All the measurement tools to measure linear, area and number quantities and compare drawing revisions
  4. Measure multiple bill items using common dimensions to eliminate repetitive measures.

RIB Candy

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