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Commissioning & Handover

The commissioning stage of a project lifecycle refers to the phase where the systems, equipment, and components of a project are tested, verified, and validated to ensure they are functioning as intended and meet the specified requirements. The handover stage involves the organized transfer of project deliverables, documentation, and knowledge from the project team to the end-users, occupants, or stakeholders who will then assume responsibility for its operation, maintenance, and utilization. At RIB Software, we have a product for every project stage.

What does RIB offer?

RIB’s fit-for-purpose industry-leading software delivers a complete solution designed to cater to every stage of your AEC industry project

RIB Connex

RIB Connex breaks down information silos by connecting data, workflows and teams in one unified cloud platform. This interconnectedness help teams to commission the building and ensure that technical installations and assets meet the required specifications.

RIB Connex empowers contractors, architects and engineers to perform inspections and performance testing in the app on-site. Commissioning reports and punch lists are prepared automatically without further manual intervention.

  1. Replace manual procedures with automated workflows to generate commissioning reports
  2. Identify and coordinate issues quickly with your commissioning team in real-time
  3. Get full documentation of issues that have an impact on time, budget and quality.

RIB Connex

RIB Digital Handover

RIB Digital Handover promises accurate and systematic collection of O&M data. Avoid delays in the handover process and get all documentation in place, so the owner and O&M team are ready to operate the building immediately.

RIB Digital Handover establishes a process for contractors and suppliers to share data and deliver O&M material. Quality control of O&M data ensures that data is complete and compliant before handover. Owners and O&M teams can easily locate all correct warranties, maintenance schedules & data sheets​.

  1. Prioritize the data that should be used for O&M
  2. Associated contractors fill out the required data and can view only relevant components
  3. Receive thorough validation and approval of entered data.

RIB Digital Handover

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