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RIB CostX is an all-in-one takeoff, estimating and reporting solution that ensures error-free results. The product’s multiple deployment options make it highly accessible and easy to use. RIB CostX is completely adaptable to workflows and requirements of different projects, regions, roles, and industries.

Why Choose RIB CostX?

Allow quantity takeoff from all commonly encountered design document formats, making use of the inherent intelligence embedded in each format.

Track history of design changes, trace cost plans and estimates issued to clients, with the capability to update edits in real-time.

Update takeoff and estimates based on revised designs while maintaining an audit trail and transparency of the changes.

View and edit estimates in a variety of breakdown structures to produce a range of bespoke, corporate compliant reports.

Features and Functionality

3D/BIM Support

The 3D BIM capabilities accurately estimates quantities and costs based on BIM files that incorporate large repositories of data. Teams can improve design quality, reduce errors and add value across all processes in the construction lifecycle.

3D/BIM Support

2D Takeoff

The potential to streamline construction takeoff in RIB CostX makes it highly valuable. To derive specifics, teams can measure counts, lengths and areas with a single click, using a wide range of supported drawing types, including scans, PDF and CAD files.


Estimating Spreadsheets

Spreadsheet-based workbooks are live-linked to the drawings and their own cost database to eliminate errors. These spreadsheets allow teams to build estimates and find all necessary information in one place. Teams can sort and group items based on codes and zones, ensuring the estimates are correctly categorized and presented.


Revisions Tracking

The powerful revision mode can be used to draw comparisons between plans and highlight new updates to view what has been changed instantly. With live links to the estimate, teams can clearly see the effect of design changes on cost and embodied carbon totals.


Embodied Carbon Calculations

With both cost estimating and embodied carbon accounting in the same program, RIB CostX is a world-leading 6D BIM solution that empowers teams to lead the way in sustainability. It adds value to the project by assessing long-term implications. RIB CostX also supports the EC3 carbon rate library from Building Transparency.


Subcontractor Comparison

Build a database of relevant quotes, ensuring the best price when estimating. Teams can leverage this functionality to save time in comparing bids and make a well-informed decision on specialized work. Subcontractors can use the free RIB CostX viewer tool to submit quotes and view all the information in one place.



Reports are generated with professional quality output to showcase work to clients. Both standard and customized reports are available empowering teams to find the right information to suit any requirement.


A Solution to Fit Your Business Requirements

2D drawings (incl. PDFs)
3D/ BIM Model
Workbooks + Report
Auto Revisioning
Subcontractor Comparison / Bid Day

Suitable for

Quantity Surveyor

Quantity surveyors can use RIB CostX to create fully costed BOQs in no time. Its solution supports a huge range of drawing files including BIM and 2D to maximize capabilities. With estimating spreadsheets linked directly to the measured dimensions, errors are eliminated and productivity is maximized. This also helps to build team efficiently without doubling up on work.


With RIB CostX, estimators have confidence in the accuracy of their estimates and bids. They are able to manage large amount of data quickly and easily, while avoiding errors. The flexibility to produce estimates across all design stages, for all project types and regions—as well as a range of bespoke, corporate compliant reports—allow estimators to customize outputs to suit their requirements.

BIM Manager

RIB CostX’s 5D BIM capabilities are world-leading. It supports a range of different BIM files, with the capability to customize data extraction through Model Maps. It can also live-link to user-defined rate libraries and spreadsheets to create a full estimate in minutes. Fast feedback can be provided to architects and designers using the revisioning capabilities.

Upgrade to CostX Cloud

Bring your takeoff and estimating into the future with CostX Cloud! You can access project data from the office as usual, or via the Internet when onsite or away from your desk.

RIB can offer CostX in the cloud as an annual subscription-based licence service hosted by Microsoft Azure. This flexible deployment option is protected by robust security controls and fully-managed by RIB.

Our platform also fully supports native cloud storage for drawing files. Supported cloud storage providers include Amazon AWS S3, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Dropbox and SharePoint.

Get The Licence Option That’s Right For You

RIB offers standalone, network and portable licence options for the RIB CostX range. Your organisation can have a combination of these if desired, and we can change your setup at any time to suit your needs. RIB CostX is easy to install and the installation process can be completed by the end user.

A Standalone licence allows a single user exclusive access to the software at any time. It is installed on a single PC and can be used only on that PC.

Network licences allow the software to be installed on multiple PCs, with a central database installed on a server (this may also be a normal PC). It allows a set number of current users. For example, an organisation can have 5 licences shared amongst 8 users, with any 5 users able to access the software at any particular point in time. Network licences also allow multiple users to work on the same project together.

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