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Beacon Consulting – How They Benefit from RIB CostX

26 February, 2024
3 mins read

Beacon Consulting is a results-driven construction and property services consultancy firm recognised for the value, experience, research and innovation they bring to every commission they undertake. They provide a full range of construction and development consultancy services designed to deliver effective solutions for clients in any sphere of private and public sector activity. 

The Cairns Institute

Client: Hansen Yuncken 
Product used: CostX 
Project: The Cairns Institute, Cairns 
Value: A$25m 
Programme: N/A 

Client’s Requirements

The Cairns Institute is a marquee $21.5M research facility which is planned to be located at James Cook University’s Smithfield Campus in Cairns. 
The project supports the new School of Environment teaching and research. It is designed to bring with it the possibility of a new level of visibility for the new centre for Tropical Research and the University on an international stage; attracting post-graduate students from the international marketplace and drawing the finest researchers in the world in new state-of-the-art facilities. The Cairns Institute will simultaneously raise the profile of James Cook University and its industry partners. 

Beacon Consulting Contributions 

Beacon Consulting is engaged by the Managing Contractor, Hansen Yuncken, to provide external cost planning services throughout the design phase for their Guaranteed Construction Sum submissions, as well as providing Bill of Quantities during the procurement phase of the project. The project was documented by the Architect using Revit, which allowed Beacon Consulting to make a positive contribution to early accuracy in the cost planning process from the use of the early BIM models. 

Making the Difference

With over 70% of our projects now taken-off directly from the BIM models, RIB CostX software allows us to deliver world-class quantity surveying services with high levels of accuracy. CostX saves us time and saves the client money by allowing us to be more competitive with our fee structure against firms not using CostX. We have successfully used CostX to deliver every project since 2007, from and including full cost planning to the preparation of full bills of quantities to ASMM 5.