Simple, Powerful Benchmarking & Conceptual Estimating

RIB Benchmark

RIB Benchmark is designed to provide users with quick and accurate project cost estimates by utilising existing historical data from past completed projects. Our web-based solution provides added value by determining the feasibility at the early stages of a project. Benchmark allows conceptual estimates to be performed quickly and accurately, based on evidential data.

Why Choose RIB Benchmark?

Benchmark draws upon past projects, creating a database of high-quality historical construction information for detailed benchmark analyses and quick and accurate conceptual estimating.

Benchmark includes a range of reports for displaying estimates and comparisons, as well as OData integration with analytics platforms such as Power BI and Tableau. This allows the data to be presented in a user-friendly and comprehensible format.

Benchmark is designed to integrate with RIB CostX estimating software, but can also support generic data imports, enabling it to be used as a standalone solution. This makes it simple to develop extensive libraries.

Looking to price a 50,000 square metre multi-storey office building with basement car-parking in the centre of a city? Benchmark allows users to view, compare and summarise key project information and metrics specifically tailored to the functional use of a project.

Features and Functionality

Construct Your Own Database

Create a database of high-quality historical construction project information. Use this historical information to create more realistic preliminary estimations and eliminate errors and inconsistencies.


Perform Functional Analyses

View, compare and summarize key project information and metrics. All project types are supported, and the system includes dozens of templates for functional uses such as hospitals, offices, roads, railways and more.


Utilize Project Attributes

Benchmark features a range of searchable Project Attributes that allow users to identify comparable projects to benchmark against or use as the basis for a conceptual estimate. Attribute properties can be edited to suit user needs, and up to thirty custom Attributes can be created to capture additional information for each project.


Adjust For Time & Location

Account for older data and regional cost differences using indices. Users can also set and maintain location-based indices to account for differences in costs between regions, ensuring like-for-like comparisons are maintained.


Create Custom Reports

Benchmark includes a range of customizable reports for displaying estimates and comparisons which can be previewed on-screen in the browser, or saved to PDF and other formats, for presentation to clients.


Suitable for

Quantity Surveyor

Benchmark empowers you to make data-driven decisions, improve project performance, and enhance your overall effectiveness in managing construction projects. It contributes to cost control, risk mitigation, and client satisfaction while promoting continuous improvement and competitiveness within the industry.


Benchmark assists you to streamline your cost planning process, and allows you to to provide consistent, accurate cost plans and project budgets based on similar project types, sizes, and attributes, backed by completed, current, and future project information. Estimators can generate reports and visualizations based on benchmarking data to present information effectively to stakeholders.

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