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Project & Financial Control

The Project Control stage involves monitoring, tracking, and controlling various aspects of a project to ensure that it aligns with the defined objectives, timelines, budget, and quality standards. This stage is characterized by ongoing analysis, measurement, and adjustment of project activities to keep them in line with the project plan. Financial Control ensures that financial resources are effectively utilized and allocated in accordance with the project plan and budget to maintain financial discipline, optimize resource allocation, and ensure that the project remains financially viable.

What does RIB offer?

RIB’s fit-for-purpose industry-leading software delivers a complete solution designed to cater to every stage of your AEC industry project

RIB Candy

RIB Candy software is the ultimate construction project management software for the built environment. From on-screen quantity take-off, estimating and project planning through to final certificate, RIB Candy targets the unique requirements of construction and engineering contractors; providing an interactive link between the bill of quantity (BOQ), estimate and program in one exceptional project management solution.

Bringing time and money together within RIB Candy, the interactive link between the estimate and program provides detailed financial and resource forecasts. Any changes to the project program or estimate automatically update these forecasts as well as the resources contained therein.

  1. Seamless continuity between estimating and post-tender commercial control to compare Tender budget vs project budget
  2. Variation control using calculation sheets or 2D drawings for on-screen quantity take-off
  3. Subcontract management for accurate progress measures and subcontract payments
  4. Earned value management with accurate cost to completion analysis.

RIB Candy


RIB CX streamlines project and financial controls through a centralized platform. Leveraging its platform, teams are able to manage contracts, control quality, and oversee all other key aspects of the project.

RIB CX allows project managers to configure efficient and sequential workflows across multiple modules, ensuring all processes are completed to standard.

  1. Count upon comprehensive dashboards and analytics to help track statuses and progress in real-time
  2. Track document revisions and maintain a document history with version controls
  3. Streamline the procurement workflow and manage budget discrepancies with ease.


RIB 4.0

The RIB 4.0 Controlling Module allows you to evaluate project and corporate control data based on the RIB 4.0 data (SQL database). This allows for the utilization of flexible control structures. Within the application, a flexible business intelligence (BI) tool is provided for creating dashboards, as well as a reporting tool for generating custom reports.

RIB 4.0 generates cost reports, dashboards, and visualizations that provide insights into project costs, variations, and financial performance.

  1. Advanced data filtering for identifying variations and assessing risks
  2. Comparative reports across different project versions and reporting periods
  3. Enterprise-level control and management functionalities.

RIB 4.0

RIB BuildSmart

Effective financial management is the backbone of any business, and BuildSmart’s feature-rich enterprise accounting software for construction & engineering companies has been developed over 40 years through work with hundreds of large and small contractors to effectively automate and streamline all your financial transactions – for in-depth intelligence and transparent accounting.

RIB BuildSmart is the only choice for construction accounting software, reporting ALL committed, accrued and actual project cost, by ledger code and activity. This system provides real-time cost management information and integrated enterprise accounts.

  1. Manage multiple companies and currencies with full or partial consolidation
  2. Includes contractor-specific controls for the management of subcontractors, contract debtors, plant and equipment, consumable and non-consumable stock and contract revenue recognition
  3. Real-time visibility of all committed, accrued and actual costs in real-time, across all aspects of the contracting process
  4. Dynamic system roles allowing for correct segregation of duties with strict access controls.

RIB BuildSmart

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