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RIB BuildSmart

BuildSmart provides one source of truth for construction and engineering companies to enhance their cost advantage. It encompasses complete financial and commercial control from estimate to final account or project closures. Using top-tier data, C-suite and other stakeholders can access dashboards live-accrual cost allocations, preserve budget, and make informed financial decisions.

Why Choose RIB BuildSmart?

From protecting margins with fit-for-purpose systems to delivering accurate costing and financial information, BuildSmart improves cost control for better financial returns.

A one integrated system that addresses the entire construction project lifecycle. BuildSmart generates meaningful information and brings all role players together, with one source of truth.

Generate group consolidation reports and access accounting information from any location and at any time. BuildSmart’s robust multi-currency consolidation features and capacity to incorporate multiple organizations offer significant benefits to foster seamless international collaboration within companies.

Real-time analytics, cost reporting and dashboarding enable timely, efficient and powerful decision making with access to the most current, precise information at the click of a button.

Built upon contracting best practices, the fully integrated construction management system ensures data integrity from day one.

Features and Functionality


BuildSmart seamlessly integrates with estimating and earned value for accurate upstream control. Teams can gain strict control of the procure to pay process managing requisitions, approvals, purchase orders, deliveries and invoice reconciliation, with full transarency of allowable/budget at quantity, rate and total amount.
Powerful reporting tools allow for rich insights into “cost allowable vs. actual spend’ enabling informed decision making for your construction business.


Enterprise Accounting

A powerful feature-rich construction accounting software reporting all accrued and actual project cost, by ledger code and activity, to produce real-time cost management reports. This gives teams live site visibility. BuildSmart’s enterprise accounting incorporates multiple organizations, full or partial consolidations, multiple currencies, and multiple tax regions.



A powerful, fully functional construction payroll software that is seamlessly integrated with contract cost reporting and enterprise accounting, providing insight into labour costs as soon as they are captured. This allows teams total flexibility and produces all statutory calculations and reports. *Regional Specific


Inventory Management

Flexible inventory management, multiple site stores, material resource plans, scaffold and formwork management and recovery. BuildSmart provids visibility of the financial risk of inventory management in the complex environment of construction projects.


Subcontractor Management

Effectively manage subcontractor reconciliations, inclusive of advance payments, work done, variation orders, materials on site, escalation, retentions and contra-charges. Accurate reporting and controls, including retention release dates, are just a few of the benefits of using subcontract management in BuildSmart.


Plant And Equipment Management

BuildSmart’s plant asset management system provides life-to-date visibility of the Plant fleet. Incorporating plant hire, servicing, utilisation tracking and fuel consumption monitoring; plant item profitability is tracked from purchase to disposal. BuildSmart makes construction plant management effective and productive.


Cost Control And Reporting

BuildSmart makes it possible to accurately and easily compare actual costs to project allowable/budgets in real-time, allowing for timely management interventions and leading to improved margins and a competitive advantage. BuildSmart’s real time cost reporting capability ensures that the true activity-based costs are readily available when required.


Suitable for

C-level and Executive Management

BuildSmart’s software solutions enable teams to optimally deliver the built environment and enhance business outcomes. Business leaders can benefit from the product resulting in enhanced cost and schedule performance, accurate and appropriate information in real-time, proactive management of complex projects, increased productivity, and improved financial returns with lower volatility.

Plant and Equipment Manager

Tailor equipment management to meet the needs based on location, availability, utilization and costs. With each plant item being indiviually tracked and managed there is the ability to maximise utilisation, boost efficiencies and ROI.

Accounts Department

BuildSmart features are simple to use, with multi-user access and role based permissions in a single solution. The product’s multi-company, multi-currency features allow global compatibility. Accounting teams can get insights into real-time costing with live accrual allocation, inter-company transactions, reporting and consolidations.

Procurement Manager

Intimate budget visibility with a highly configarable approval workflow ensures the required stakeholders are accountable for all spend prior to commitment. Combined with the upstream controls of linking directly with contract resources, BuildSmart provides the ability to prevent overspend at quantity, rate and total level.

What Our Clients Say

Can you provide accurate answers to business-critical questions in real-time? RIB CanBuild can!

RIB’s complete cost and enterprise management solution, comprising of RIB Candy and RIB BuildSmart, enables you to manage the complete construction process & lifecycle, from quantity take-off and estimating to final accounts and reporting, in one seamless solution.


  • Improved cost and schedule performance and certainty
  • Increased productivity
  • Growth of financial returns with lower volatility
  • Proactive management of project risk

One powerful integrated solution purpose-built with your business in mind


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