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7 Benefits Of 5D Schedule Management For Construction

October 14, 2021
6 mins read

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Any successful construction project relies on a strong schedule. If this isn’t planned and coordinated carefully, the project is at risk of running over budget and over schedule. So, what are the benefits of 5D schedule management for construction?

Even though they’re so important, construction schedules are also difficult to get right. They require plenty of time and tedious work. However, with the right enterprise-level construction 5D schedule management solution, this becomes far more easy and efficient.

Here are 7 of the main ways that MTWO can benefit your construction business.

Better Planning With BIM and 5D Simulations

A major problem we see in construction today is that project schedules aren’t connected to BIM models. However, this is made possible with the right 5D schedule management tool. It allows construction managers to better understand the impact of certain schedule changes through simulations. This way, you can plan and manage risk better.

Another advantage of 5D simulation is that all stakeholders can be more involved in the project in terms of input and feedback. This makes it easier to understand the tasks and responsibilities at each stage of the project.

Access Real-Time Project Data For Informed Decision-Making

With a cloud-based solution, you can access and manage all project data in real-time from one platform. This includes data from past projects that can all be put together in a single place. By looking at this past data, you can create better processes for future workflows.

The right construction management solution can also produce fast project reports with ease. This means that construction teams can easily access all necessary project information when they need it. This will help them to make better data-backed decisions in less time during a project.

Real-time data is also important for executives to monitor the status of each project as it happens. With full visibility, you can identify trends and areas of improvement, and be proactive. In the long run, this data can also help your construction company to optimise workflows and internal procedures. Ultimately, this results in increased success.

Integrate Cost and Resource Management

Estimation is one of the most vital processes for any construction project. It needs to be as accurate as possible for project success and improved profit. This is something that a good enterprise-level construction management solution offers.

By integrating cost estimation with resource management, you can track and allocate resources easily throughout your projects. This results in a better understanding of all direct and indirect costs, reduced waste, and more efficient financial and resource management.

Integrate With 3rd Party Platforms

A single construction schedule management solution that integrates with 3rd party apps makes work far more efficient.

For example, you can populate schedules from platforms like MS Project or Primavera into MTWO. This allows you to work straight from one platform, making processes far easier to manage.

Improve the Way Your Collaborate and Enhance Efficiency

A good enterprise-level construction 5D schedule management solution uses a single platform to bring together teams, managers, and stakeholders. The goal is to align everyone involved in order to improve the completion of each task.

MTWO makes it easy to delegate and manage each and every task. Everyone knows what they are responsible for.

Collaboration efficiency becomes far greater when you’re able to connect schedules with workflows. This allows all relevant information to be recorded alongside each workflow. As a result, it improves transparency and collaboration as construction team members will have full visibility into the project. They will be able to make better decisions together and within their own roles.

Work on Multiple Schedules at the Same Time

An enterprise-level management platform differs from regular project-based platforms. It enables you to manage multiple projects and schedules at once.

Instead of being limited to a single project, you can integrate all your projects at the same time. This gives you a complete overview of your operations and enables you to manage each project from a single place.

Reference Past Project Data To Save Time

Having all past and current schedules in one place makes it way easier to build new schedules and save time. Instead of starting from scratch, you can use previous schedules as references. Doing this can maximise efficiency significantly.

Final Thoughts

Construction projects face all kinds of challenges without proper schedule management. By making use of the right solution, every aspect of the project will be managed better at a lower cost. This results in a more successful and sustainable construction operation. Now that you know the benefits of 5d schedule management, are you ready to start implementing it?

MTWO is a Next Generation 5D BIM Enterprise Construction Cloud Solution that can help you achieve all this and more.