Connect data, workflows and teams from the office – to – field

RIB Connex

RIB Connex is a cloud – based construction management software for construction projects. It allows teams to plan, coordinate, collaborate and increase productivity — by breaking down communication silos with standardized workflows and field execution.

Why Choose RIB Connex?

Connect, collaborate and share project information effectively regardless of its location, role or phase.

Track all project changes and follow derived consequences to prevent rework, delays and cost overruns.

Get meaningful insights with powerful dashboards, identify critical issues and make data – driven decisions.

Customize workflows and checklists to support your project’s need or company standards.

Use open APIs to import or export data or integrate with third – party applications to secure the future of your data.

Features and Functionality

Process Management

Keep track of all construction processes with configurable workflows that meet the needs of project and company standards. This functionality helps to document all changes with configurable, streamlined and connected workflows. It make the process easier to manage all project workflows, and get full documentation of issues.


2D, 3D and BIM

Make BIM accessible for all project stakeholders, anywhere. The interactive BIM viewer gives all teams easy access to 2D drawings and 3D models, and its fully integrated with workflows and tasks management on all devices. It is easy to inspect and coordinate design and constructability issues, make on – site registrations and collect data.

2D, 3D and BIM

Design Collaboration

Identify constructability issues at an early stage and prevent expensive rework prior to construction. Teams can coordinate design, perform visual inspections, manage collisions and create federated models without the extra cost of expensive licenses. This feature strengthens coordination before the model is shared with rest of the project organization.


Construction Management

Better management and documentation of changes helps to increase day – to – day efficiency and reduce project risk. Standardized workflows make it easier to identify why extra work has arisen and if variation order forms have been signed. Teams can quickly identify NCR reports or create RFIs — and link the different tasks together for better visibility.


Field Management

Collaborate effectively in real – time and access project information, 2D drawings and BIM models across multiple devices and locations. Create registrations directly from mobile device when performing inspection and quality assurance on – site. Take a picture, add comments and annotations and send the task directly to the person in charge when clarification is needed.


Quality Management

Move away from manual spread – sheets and start digitizing quality processes. It is possible to manage all inspections, QA plans, safety issues and checklists with greater efficiency, and build a library of digital forms and checklists based on the company’s standards and working methods. This helps to reduce setup time and collect accurate data.


Defect Management

Strengthen project closeout with intelligent workflows and conduct defect management in RIB Connex. Teams can perform inspections, NCRs and manage defects in one place and assign tasks directly to contractors, all in one workflow. This feature ensures all necessary changes are completed before handover, avoiding expensive delays and costs.


Interactive Dashboards And Reporting

Interactive dashboards generate powerful insights. Teams can identify tasks or other critical issues that are likely to affect the design, schedule or economy of projects – enabling them to make data – driven decisions based on real – time project data. Teams can also benefit from traceability, status updates, and report exportation.


Suitable for


Manage a portfolio of projects effectively and sustanably with RIB Connex to improve project outcome and reduce costs. Get full transparency on all projects, gain visibility into every step of the process, leverage data to improve decision making and documentation, and facilitate seamless collaboration between project stakeholders.

General Contractor

Connect the entire team on one unified platform and collaborate successfully on every project. RIB Connex offers a clear interface that ensures structured coordination from the office – to – field, thus reducing miscommunication and costly rework. Build faster, safer and more sustanably – ensuring projects stay on track by always working from the latest plans and documents.


RIB Connex makes the job in the field easier for all subcontractors and protect profit margins. Anyone can view and work effectively with 3D/BIM models, 2D drawings, project communication and field registrations in real – time. It helps subcontractors to minimize construction errors with digital quality assurance and increase the quality of documentation.

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