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The procurement stage of a construction project involves acquiring goods and services from contractors and suppliers to meet a project’s requirements. This stage can significantly impact the cost-effectiveness and timeliness of a project. Meticulous supplier selection, effective contract negotiations, and efficient contract management are crucial to ensure the optimal procurement of necessary resources. From initiation to completion, RIB Software’s product offerings have you covered.

What does RIB offer?

RIB’s fit-for-purpose industry-leading software delivers a complete solution designed to cater to every stage of your AEC industry project

RIB 4.0

In RIB 4.0, the procurement process is seamlessly designed: starting with a needs assessment through quotation requests, price comparisons, orders/contracts, and continuing to delivery note/quantity survey creation and invoice verification, all while maintaining transparent documentation.

RIB 4.0 facilitates seamless collaboration between jobsite and office, synchronizing information in real-time. This information provides contractors and subcontractors with a holistic overview of materials required and procured, preserving the budget.

  1. Comprehensive enterprise-level procurement process for services (subcontractors), materials, and equipment
  2. Seamless integration with BIM-5D and estimation modules
  3. Effective support in compiling requirements from models, bills of quantities, and estimates.

RIB 4.0

RIB BuildSmart

BuildSmart’s construction procurement software delivers a workflow-based system that shows real-time order status and inventory availability. The powerful reporting tools, which display all the procurement details, are the foundation of sound decisions. The system is fully integrated with other BuildSmart modules, allowing it to provide strict control of procurement processes, to manage the complete requisition (eRFQ) – purchase order – delivery – invoice reconciliation – payment cycle.

RIB BuildSmart empowers procurement teams to play an effective role in the organizations cost control.

1. Direct link to contract resources allowing control at quantity, rate and total level
2. Enhanced budget visibility throughout the procurement process
3. Highly configurable workflow approval processes
4. Securely manage the complete procure-to-pay cycle.

RIB BuildSmart


RIB CX streamlines procurement and helps users manage multiple contracts in real-time. By organizing payments with intelligent procedures, managers can ensure stakeholders are paid promptly, and identify and remedy budget discrepancies where required.

RIB CX allows teams to easily manage procurement workflows, track costs and ensure compliance with procurement policies and procedures. Each line item can be broken down into multiple subcategories so they can track exactly where every dollar is spent.

  1. Pull data from within RIB CX to generate payment schedules, in a seamless, automated and integrated process
  2. Visualize the real-time implication of approved and unapproved variations on a budget, helping manage risk
  3. Every line item associated with your budget carries a complete audit history, ensuring total transparency.


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