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Planning and Design

The planning stage, encompassing project definition, feasibility assessment, site selection, risk management, and budgeting, lays the foundation for successful project execution. In the subsequent design phase, project requirements are meticulously translated into detailed designs and specifications, serving as the construction blueprint. Close collaboration between design professionals and project stakeholders ensures alignment with design intent and performance. At RIB Software, our comprehensive toolkit supports you through every project phase.

What does RIB offer?

RIB’s fit-for-purpose industry-leading software delivers a complete solution designed to cater to every stage of your AEC industry project

RIB SpecLive

RIB SpecLive is a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to help manufacturers get specified more frequently and accurately. It empowers specification representatives with the tools they need to have more productive interactions with teams.

RIB SpecLive supports building product manufacturers in their collaboration with architects, engineers and specifiers by enabling digital specification management and providing them with actionable project data.

  1. Engage with architects and engineers to reduce complexity, save time and collaborate
  2. Deliver coordinated BIM and specification content that matches the unique needs of a client’s project
  3. Deliver solid product recommendations to non-experts for targeted basis-of-design specs

RIB SpecLive

RIB Benchmark

RIB Benchmark is a web-based software that enhances pre-construction estimation capabilities across all projects. It facilitates access to existing client data to build a repository of historical project information for benchmark analysis and conceptual estimating.

RIB Benchmark supports all project types. It allows quantity surveyors and estimators to access known information, expand past project estimates and interrogate the costs at various levels to produce comprehensive conceptual estimates with confidence.

  1. Use historical data to make project comparisons for a conceptual estimate
  2. View, compare and summarize key information tailored to your project’s functional use
  3. Adjust older data to reflect present-day or future costs through index factors

RIB Benchmark

RIB Project

RIB Project is a cloud-based document management solution designed to foster collaboration in construction projects from pre-con to closeout. It promises consistent document workflows, seamless coordination and structured data​ from the start.

RIB Project allow teams to access files, models and documents across multiple devices and locations. They can communicate in real-time to ensure every job on the site meets the design standards of the project.

  1. Approval workflows help reduce costly errors, rework and miscommunication
  2. Targeted distribution guarantees that the right people receive the right material at the right time​
  3. Streamline your operations with standardized processes and maximize efficiency in document management

RIB Project


RIB CX is a construction management software that supports every facet of your operations. The forum-based system allows for efficient communication and quick navigation of documents throughout the project lifecycle.

RIB CX helps teams with their project planning through a range of key modules to start the project off on the right foot. With its streamlined deployment process, they are able to exercise control over all operations.

  1. Capture design issues and track design reviews with a secure, centralised document management system
  2. Set up custom forms with specific metadata and bespoke workflows for different processes
  3. Create project budgets during the planning stage and structure them for easy approval


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