Collaborate in 3D and BIM with RIB Connex

With our interactive BIM viewer you can easily and effectively collaborate with all project stakeholders and share information, drawings and the 3D model.

  • Easy access to your 3D models and 2D plans – combined in one view
  • Intuitive navigation and lots of BIM features
  • Improve design coordination and enhance visual inspections of the project and constructability issues
  • Streamline and standardize your on site registrations
  • Fully integrated workflows and task management
  • RIB Connex can be used on all devices – also on the mobile when you are offline

Create Tasks Directly in the BIM file

Inspect the design material and identify issues quickly and simply!

You can create tasks directly in the BIM model either on your tablet, computer or mobile device, and in the same work process, send the assignment or comment to the responsible party. You can also create a RFI task from a specific object or room, add information, photos, documents etc. and minimize the risk for errors, misunderstandings and misalignment.

Control all your processes on the construction site with RIB Connex and gather all information in one place.

Create Viewpoints, Markups and Annotations

See exactly where in the model the task is made.

When a comment or task is created in the BIM model – on either mobile, tablet or computer – RIB Connex automatically creates a viewpoint of the object in the model. All project stakeholders can make annotations and comments in the 3D model and on 2D plans and hereby provide more information and details about the challenge. It is easy for all project participants to access the same location in the model and see the challenge in exactly the same perspective.

RIB Connex enables transparency and creates the perfect basis for meaningful communication between all project stakeholders.

Import or Export BCF-files

Import or export BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) files.

It is quick and easy to import BCF files from e.g. Revit, Naviswork, Solibri or Tekla, to RIB Connex. You can gather all tasks that need to be coordinated with project stakeholders in one place, delegate them to the right people, follow the status and thereby minimize errors in the project material.

RIB Connex supports industry standards, where you can also export tasks from RIB Connex to BCF.

Model Federation Simplified

Coordinate interfaces between disciplines.

You can import all the individual models into RIB Connex and create one federated model with all design disciplines, e.g. the structural model, the architectural model, MEP systems, etc. All project stakeholders can access the federated model from anywhere, and everyone is working on the same interface. This enhances collaboration, performance, and enables effective real-time communication.

Plan ahead, coordinate interfaces between design disciplines and reduce unnecessary changes.

Keep Track of all Your 3D and BIM Models in RIB Connex

Open, review models and generate the location structure automatically.

You can open your models in the BIM Viewer in the app, which supports the following file formats; IFC, RVT, DWG, PTS, PTX, XYZ, OBJ, SKP and 3DM. When you upload an IFC file, RIB Connex automatically generates the entire location structure for you, and extracts BIM properties, and 2D plans, which are automatically aligned with your 3D model.

Gamified BIM

Joysticks make your BIM experience as intuitive as a game!

RIB Connex offers an effortless and intuitive way to explore the model. You have the flexibility to choose between using joysticks or your fingers and can switch between ‘walk’ or ‘fly mode’ depending on your requirements. Additionally, you can easily navigate the model through the automatically generated 2D plans or the built-in location structure.