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Mike Buyskes Construction

20 October, 2022
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Residential and commercial construction.


Mike Buyskes Construction

Established in 1972, Mike Buyskes Construction has a rich 50-year history that has seen it evolve from a simple two-man team to a thriving business that employs over 250 individuals that work on construction projects across Africa.

From 64 000 m2 shopping malls in Thembisa and Buddhist temples in Bedfordview to R80 million luxury lodges in Zambia; MBC has an extensive portfolio that features every conceivable type of building project and one which has led the company to be recognised throughout the industry for the superior quality of its work.

The Challenge:

Having purchased Candy in 2005 and then BuildSmart in 2015, Mike Buyskes Construction was already familiar with the advantages of each program. However, the company had never truly integrated them and, as a result, never fully unlocked the ability to manage their construction projects in real time.

This led to a series of pain points including a duplication of work (linked to running their previous software alongside their RIB solutions), a shortage of skills regarding what was possible with the new software, and a lack of transparency when it came to project data because not all stakeholders had equal access to the system.

Generic ERP solutions are largely built for a retail environment while Candy and BuildSmart are designed exclusively for the construction industry. When you purchase these products you also get the whole package as opposed to other solutions that adopt a modular approach; this works extremely well because it enables us to explore and benefit from even more functionality the longer we run the system as an integrated solution.

Christo Smal, Commercial Manager
Mike Buyskes Construction

The Solution:

Commercial Manager, Christo Smal, championed the process of reimplementing and reintegrating Candy and BuildSmart to address the challenges the company was facing. The goal: to work smarter as opposed to harder.

This required unpacking how every part of the existing system functioned, before redesigning it to be more efficient and revamping whole components including the ledger structure and cost coding.

The Results:

Today, Candy and BuildSmart are tightly integrated to provide Mike Buyskes Construction with the automation, data transparency and time savings they were lacking. As a result, the company now enjoys improved compliance, superior cost reports, and they have a much greater understanding of how each project is performing—all in real time.

Their financial management has also been enhanced significantly thanks to excellent reporting and analytics, which has led to increased cost-consciousness across the organisation with each employee now working according to a shared mindset that has led to improved project margins.

On their own, Candy is an invaluable construction estimating and project management tool while BuildSmart provides cutting-edge cost management and enterprise accounting; by integrating both, however, Mike Buyskes Construction now has a comprehensive solution that speaks the same language across all areas and one which caters specifically to their needs.