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Tractionel Enterprise – A RIB BuildSmart Case Study

11 March, 2024
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  • Railway Electrification (OHTE) Solutions
  • Renewable Energy Solutions
  • Substations and Switching Stations
  • Transmission Lines
  • Water and Wastewater Projects
  • Electrical Reticulation Solutions


Tractionel Enterprise, founded in 1982 by industry leader Johan Boshoff, has had a remarkable 41-year journey that showcases its evolution and adaptability. Beginning as a Rail Electrification Company, the organisation quickly ascended to become a market leader in the Electrical Infrastructure Industry.

In 2021, a new chapter in Tractionel’s story unfolded as the Tractionel Group of Companies was acquired by ENZA Construction, a dynamic and diversified business, established in the early 2000s by the entrepreneurial brothers, Rowan and Clinton Crowie.

Tractionel’s achievements are notable, with a portfolio including flagship projects such as the design, supply, construction and commissioning of the 25kV AC OHTE system for the Gautrain Rapid Rail Link. Additionally, they’ve been actively involved in the Majuba Railway Line since 2017, branching out into the realm of Power Electrification.

Today, Tractionel Enterprise plays a pivotal role in the largest solar farm project in the Southern hemisphere, situated in Kennard, Northern Cape. This groundbreaking venture involves the construction of close to a million solar panels, marking another significant stride in their journey as they continue to shape the future of the Energy and Infrastructure Industries.

The Challenge:

Stephen Anderson, the Financial Director of Tractionel Enterprise, plays a vital role in managing the critical aspects of working capital and project cash flow at the business. Handling cash flow effectively is particularly challenging because it demands precise forecasting to ensure that funds are collected and suppliers are paid in a timely manner.

I would definitely recommend RIB Software because of the ease of the transaction flow, seamless interaction between all facets and the ability to access pricing reports with a simple click. Everything you need is conveniently accessible on the dashboard and it’s amazing how they’ve continuously improved even the smallest details.

Stephen Anderson, Financial Director
Tractionel Enterprise

Before the implementation of RIB solutions:

  • The company utilised a non-integrated accounting system.
  • Payroll and procurement were managed separately using distinct software programs. This fragmentation resulted in human error.
  • Identifying and rectifying mistakes promptly was a challenge.
  • Potential loss of capital and inaccuracies were a concern, with auditing accuracy hindered as a result.

The Solution

In 2013, Tractional Enterprise migrated to BuildSmart. This transition was an essential move and involved comprehensive staff training to ensure the seamless operation of their newly integrated system.

As this transformation unfolded, the tangible benefits of this system became increasingly apparent and the feedback from the team was extremely positive.

To date, BuildSmart has significantly improved the business’s operational efficiency which now runs with remarkable smoothness, allowing Tractionel to execute projects in line with their budgets and effectively prevent unnecessary overspending. Crucially, the enduring support provided by RIB in the post-implementation phase has also contributed to the development of highly successful relationships between the BuildSmart team and the business as a whole.


Since the implementation of BuildSmart, Tractionel’s project accuracy has been enhanced significantly with greater interaction and improved transaction flow between all facets of the business. Ultimately, everything the organisation needs to manage a project successfully, from start to finish, can now be done with the press of a button.

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