Allow Clients To Review CostX Projects In Read-Only Format

Our free CostX viewer option makes it easy to share comprehensive projects with any stakeholder that you see fit. CostX users who wish to share live-linked cost-breakdowns, building revisions and more with clients are able to do so without incurring a cost. Download now to test it out and see!

Download CostX Viewer

How Can RIB CostX Viewer Help Your Business?

At RIB, we prioritize clear communication and providing top-notch customer service. That’s why we’ve introduced CostX Viewer to align with these principles. With this tool, client companies can easily review ongoing work, seek clarification on detailed data, and visually understand the effects of drawing changes during building revisions. CostX Viewer is a valuable resource for enhancing collaboration and giving clients confidence that their project is on the right track.

Distribute Files to Clients in Read-Only Format

  • Clients can view hierarchical spreadsheets, as well as embedded CAD drawings and BIM displays.
  • Users can get more from intuitive electronic estimates than paper print-outs could ever allow.

Enter Quotes Easily

  • CostX users can leverage CostX Viewer to help them complete a subcontractor comparison with the CostX quote feature.
  • Subcontractors use CostX Viewer to load in an EXF file from CostX and enter their prices against the items that make up the tender package.
  • Save the priced items to an EXQ (Quote) file, which can then be easily imported back into CostX to evaluate the tender/quote.

Free Download for Ease of Use

  • Identify on-screen issues caused by drawing modifications.
  • View interactive packages complete with full drawing control (pan, zoom, rotate), as well as live-linked spreadsheets where all detailed data is preserved.