About CostX & Carbon

Research has revealed that approximately 38% of global energy consumption can be traced back to building and construction activities. This industry not only generates substantial material waste but also requires frequent rework of structures, contributing to inefficiencies. Embracing sustainability is paramount for the world’s future prosperity, and the role of the QS/Estimator is pivotal.

CostX clients are able to use data from embodied carbon rate libraries such as EC3 to calculate the embodied carbon of building components. As well as helping to calculate the project’s total carbon output, the proportion that each component contributes to this can also be determined. This allows the QS/Estimator to be more involved in assessing the long-term energy implications of the project, materials used, and other considerations.

How Can RIB CostX & Embodied Carbon Accounting Help Your Business?

CostX allows for both cost estimating and embodied carbon accounting in the same program, creating a world-leading 6D BIM solution that enables construction businesses to lead the way in sustainability.

Cover all bases

Estimate Embodied Carbon for A1-A5 (Production and Construction phases) and the entire Building Lifecyle (operation, maintenance & end of life phases).

Display the details

Present customised reports with carbon and cost, side by side, in a wide variety of formats and styles that can be tailored to your corporate standard.

Compare on carbon

Compare baseline estimated embodied carbon to actual as-built totals based on real supplier EPDs to show carbon reductions compared to the baseline.

Review the options

Estimate based on Conservative, Achievable or Average embodied carbon rates and generate reports from either, or all 3 side by side.

Ensure your accuracy

Support data from various sources including EC3 and other Excel-based carbon rates.

Learn More About RIB & EC3

Building Transparency is a non-profit organisation that has developed a free and open access technological tool targeted at reducing the impact of embodied carbon and making the AEC industry more efficient and sustainable.

Building Transparency’s premier technology solution is the Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator (EC3). This tool houses a database of digital, third-party verified Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), which can be used to perform sustainability benchmarking and assessments. Through the sponsorship of various entities, such as RIB Software, Building Transparency’s EC3 tool remains free to use.

CostX clients are able to use EC3 data to calculate the embodied carbon of building components by directly importing them into the program with the click of a button. This allows users to quickly and easily calculate the embodied carbon of multiple building components. This is just another way that RIB Software is continually assisting clients to become more efficient and more sustainable.

Learn more about Building Transparency here: https://www.buildingtransparency.org/