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All New Plant Built In Zurndorf

1 January, 2021
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Leier International is a family-run group owning operational locations in whole europe. Besides other industries, its major and core branch is construction – especially prefabrication production. Having multiple plants, Leier already runs the majority with RIB SAA solutions. To cope the industry growth the company decided to build a new plant from scratch. For this major project they trust in RIB SAA, not only for software solutions, but for project management, expertise and implementation. As a result of a constructive partnership in Zurndorf a state-of-the-art prefab plant has been build. Coming up with innovations developed with and for customer needs.

From scratch to production

“Planning and building a new plant is a complex project. RIB SAA wasn’t the cheapest option, but the most experienced and therefore the best choice for us! We highly profited of expertise, support and knowledge at RIB SAA.”

In a productive and innovative cooperation, the new plant has been planned and build within 2 years. Seeking for full customer satisfaction several adaptions have been made to the software to fulfil all additional wishes – especially mentioning the LED supported turning device. Which decreases failure in manual work steps. As a result, Leier now produces in a state-of-the art prefab plant.

Smart Production: Paperless, Modern, Accurate

Digitalization and state-of-the-art hardware building the communicational bridge between the master computer (MES) and the human workforce. Replacing outdated paperprints (the cause for mistakes, misreads and errors) modern hardware displays all information not only in real time, but scalable, individual and prefiltered for the station placed. Furthermore, necessary prints are made at needed time and place to maximize benefits of digitalization.

End-to-End Project Management

“Project management at RIB SAA is no internal activity. They contribute beyond their responsibility and thereby led the project towards a positive ending.”

“For us, a project is more than simply supplying software and fulfilling a contract. Our project is always a satisfied customer and smoothly running production. From project start, we will support the progress with support, expertise and more, even in areas we wouldn’t have to by contract.”

“We already know RIB SAA solutions from other successful plants. For the new one we decided to go for RIB Smart Production again. The new plant mirrors the constant performance of RIB SAA as the plant is running smoothly for over a year now. The workers in the factory itself profiting from a smart and paperless equipment, fully integrated laser projection system and many more smart tools coming with RIB SAA solutions.”

– Josef Fleischhacker, Managing Director for Technology & Investment at Leier –


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