RIB One Prefab Training

The successful implementation of RIB One Prefab is just the first step towards optimized production. After initial training during the set-up phase, there are still so many skills, features and optimizations to be explored. Our expert training is the platform to enhance your skills and knowledge.

MES Academy

The master computer is a comprehensive tool. It organizes an entire plant, digitizes production and its pre- and post-processing enables extensive automation. Obviously, only very few people are able to make full use of our software. The MES Academy is designed to counteract this. Regardless of whether you are a long-time MES customer or want to get started with your new master computer, the MES Academy is the platform for further training in the field of master computers.

The RIB MES Academy is a reccurring event containing multiple sessions in three thematic blocks. The digital sessions take place every last Thursday and Friday of each month.



We are happy to provide a topic overview for download. Feel free to download the file below:
Download Topic Overview

To register for any MES Academy session please follow these steps:
1. Stay informed about topics and dates of the MES Academy using our downloadable overviews.
2. Use the register button and complete the form to establish contact with our team.
3. After submitting the form, our training team will contact you.
4. We will accommodate your session and date choices via email.

You will be contacted by [email protected]

The MES Academy is a recurring event on every last Thursday and Friday of each month. Each month we cover one of the main topics. The exact dates and times can be found in the downloadable file below:
Download schedule overview


We are continuously working on the extension and improvement of our training offering. If you have specific requirements or requests for lessons or training, please feel free to contact us via [email protected]

We are with you at every step

We strive to enhance your effectiveness and productivity through various services, including implementation, system navigation, and optimizing upgrades. We empathize with the pressures of meeting deadlines and acknowledge the urgency of assistance. Our experienced staff, who have firsthand experience in the industry, pride themselves on providing timely support. Our satisfied users can attest to this commitment.