SpecLink and BIM

SpecLink is the first software to seamlessly link specs with Revit models. It’s never been easier for specification writers to coordinate and collaborate with the team. BIM integration helps you work faster and smarter, with fewer errors.

  • Coordinate and communicate key design changes throughout the design phase
  • Identify and adjust specifications based on changes made in your Revit model
  • View embedded BIM object data, and monitor the impact of changes
  • Access the model from any web-enabled device—no Revit license required

Create a virtual walk-through

Enhance visibility among your project team with an interactive, 3D experiencewithout the expense of additional Revit licenses. Once you associate Revit files with a SpecLink Cloud project, they’re automatically converted to a VIM (Virtual Information Modeling) file, using Unity 3D gaming technology.

  • Interact directly with the virtual model to:
  • Highlight BIM objects on-screen
  • View information embedded in the BIM objects
  • Isolate individual objects or layers within the model

View BIM data

Access a complete list of elements and their properties, along with summarized counts of the embedded data—all retained from the original Revit model. Embedded data is automatically extracted during the upload and conversion process, and is viewable within SpecLink.

Visualize changes as the design evolves:

  • Monitor changes in the model at every step as the design is developed
  • A snapshot of each Revit file uploaded to SpecLink Cloud is retained
  • Run a comparison against previous versions to identify the latest changes or additions to the model