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CANDY Construction Software – The Basics

10 May, 2021
6 mins read

Across the world, all types of industries are beginning to turn towards a more digital approach to streamline operations. Contractors can use construction management software, like Candy, to completely revolutionise the way they operate.

Candy enhances estimating, planning, and control throughout any construction project. Ultimately, it enables contractors to plan and manage a project with far greater efficiency. So, let’s take a more in-depth look into the core features of Candy. Below, we explore how contractors can use this software to optimise their businesses.

What Is Candy?

Candy is an integrated construction management software that gives contractors all the tools they need for enhanced project results. With this software, construction teams are able to use a single user interface to control their various responsibilities.

Candy features many tools to enhance the estimation, project planning, and management processes. This includes accurate estimation software, quantity takeoff tools, planning tools, forecasting and cash flow software, and more.

In addition, Candy was built on First Principles Estimating. So, you are set up for success right from the start. It can help to protect your profit margins, digitise time-consuming processes, and eliminate costly errors.

With its multi-user functionality, Candy helps to improve collaboration and allows for on-the-fly editing. So, your information is always up to date!

Main Features of Candy Construction Management Software

Candy was built by contractors for contractors to ensure it has everything you need to manage and control your projects.

Here is a breakdown of some of Candy’s core features:

Powerful, accurate estimating is one of the key features of Candy. The software helps to create a standardised estimation process for companies of all sizes.

Efficient construction estimations are essential for successful projects. Candy offers all the tools to streamline this process and achieve better, more accurate results.

Candy offers an on-screen take-off solution that lets planners and contractors achieve accurate QTOs with ease. The software simply extracts all necessary quantity information from 2D or 3D plans to put together bills of quantities.

Use Candy to extract this information automatically and avoid any potential human errors. You can do QTOs faster and with greater accuracy!

Candy offers all of the features and functionalities that any professional planner needs. The planning and scheduling tool offers a critical path network system focused on the built environment.

Use this planning feature to optimise pre-construction processes and set projects up for greater success. The planner fully integrates with the Candy estimate for easier cost forecasts and cash flow analysis.

Generate more accurate and efficient forecasting reports that provide more value to your project. Candy’s forecasting tools link estimating and planning modules. This gives you greater insights into the projects ahead.

Save time and money while producing stronger forecasting reports with Candy.

Candy Cash Flow builds a financial model of your project for a far superior planning approach. This tool takes information from both the estimate and project program. This enables you to get a stronger understanding of all costs.

Cover all cash flow settings, such as payment lags, retention, and day of costs closed. You can easily test variations and include the latest bid figures as you get them.

Access all of the information needed to price a tender and carry out any post-tender commercial functions. The valuation tools that Candy offers provides a smoother experience between estimating and post-tender commercial processes. Enhance your valuations process without wasting time or effort.

Use Candy’s subcontractor management tool to control progress payments and create a more accurate and efficient progress claim to the client.

With the tool, you can also measure extra charges and materials on-site. Additionally, you can generate an enhanced subcontract reconciliation for approval and payment. Subcontract management couldn’t get any easier!

Use Candy’s cost control function to simplify earned value management. With the construction-reporting module, you can easily compare actual versus allowable cost as well as projected costs and time to completion. This enables you to produce more accurate Earned Value Management (EVM) reports.


Manual construction planning and management will slow your business down. Without an efficient digital approach, your entire project could be at risk of errors and running overtime.

Candy is here to maximise productivity! It aims to ensure that every business can produce better projects with a more optimized approach. Successful projects start with solid estimations, planning, and management tools. This is something that is certain when you use Candy.