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What Is The Best Software For The Mining Industry?

9 September, 2018
4 mins read

Mining exploration and the establishment of new mining operations all over the world is a thriving industry and involves mining companies of vastly different scope and size.  Whether a relatively small operation or a global Goliath, these operations are going to face a myriad of challenges, many or most of which are unlikely to be fully catered for by their current IT systems and software.   Even some of the more established players may still be using a ‘best fit’ solution to patch the gap, despite the massive logistical demands and associated process and project management requirements.  The quick and simple answer could be to leverage power and effectiveness of Candy and BuildSmart by CCSMI, the world’s leading Industrial Cost Estimation, Project Management and ERP System to be utilised by mining operations. So, what is the best software for the mining industry?

BuildSmart and Candy are in use by a number of the world’s leading mining operators to help them manage and optimize their operations at all stages and levels.  Having been developed over decades and incorporating specific functions and elements that deal with genuine challenges faced by mining operators in the real rather than theoretical world, BuildSmart and Candy has evolved into a world leader in their field.  Among the practical functions you can expect to find in the system are seamless and integrated modules for:

  • Operations
  • Procurement
  • Maintenance
  • Production
  • Fixed Assets
  • Business Intelligence
  • Projects and Financials

from feasibility budgets, bankable estimates right through to project execution.

All these elements, alongside the full package are supported by the dedicated CCSMI support team, who will make the implementation of your software a joy rather than a chore and have you up and running (and most importantly, effective) in as swift a period as you can be comfortable.

The combination of BuildSmart and Candy will enable mining operations to leverage the vast and mass experience of industry leaders in the mining field.  It is widely accepted that the smartest and most successful companies and individuals in any field are able to learn from their mistakes and continually strive to reach perfection (regardless of whether perfection is an attainable goal, it is, in their minds still the aspirational target to reach).  What is perhaps even smarter still, is for a company or individual to learn from the collective mistakes and experience of everyone.  By utilising CCSMI’s BuildSmart and Candy for your mining operation, you are effectively applying the knowledge, process and procedural advances gleaned from the countless lessons and hard fought experience of the trailblazers who struck out before and continue to thrive and succeed to this day.

Get in touch with the team at CCSMI and explore what Candy and BuildSmart can do for your company specifically and see first-hand how you can benefit from the very best application and the collective experiences of the mining industry as a whole.