ZWAX – RC- and prestressed X-section design

Design of Reinforced Concrete and Prestressed Concrete Cross Sections



New features of ZWAX

  • Design with fibreglass reinforcement (Schöck ComBAR)
  • Latest generation of Eurocodes standards and operation under Windows®10


  • Reinforced concrete design according to DIN, EC2 or ÖNORM
  • Polygonal cross-sections with rectangular, circular or polygonal box outs
  • Interactive graphical editing of composite cross-sections with DXF interface
  • Specification of different material characteristics for concrete materials, reinforcing steel and prestressing steel
  • Distribution of the reinforcement across the perimeter or individually at the corners of the cross-section
  • Ultimate limit state design for biaxial bending with normal force
  • Design of the most unfavourable load case with pre-determined internal forces
  • Calculation of the internal forces at pre-set strains
  • Stresses in non-prestressed single or sectional reinforcements
  • Calculation of soil pressures for foundations with gaping joints
  • Configuration of the result lists

Benefits of ZWAX

ZWAX is a versatile analysis programme with the following advantages:

  • thoroughly used and proved design algorithm for the solution of demanding engineering tasks
  • clear working environment and programme control with graphics and sensitive elements and chain dimensioning
  • automatic superposition for the extremal stress states
  • usage of templates and alternative dialogue input


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