Collection of proofs for reinforced concrete, steel, wood and brickwork

New features of RTool

  • Extension of masonry proof with simplified method according to DIN 1053 and DIN EN 1996-3/NA
  • Design of timber beams now also possible with the materials BauBuche GL70 (flat-edged and on edge) and Kerto-S
  • Wooden beams now with vibration proof according to EN 1995-1 and in accordance with national annexes for DE, AT, CZ/SK & UK
  • Automatic determination of the dead weight for all types of wooden roofs
  • Transfer of design drawings as ZAC macro for subsequent CAD editing is now carried out by default with the program RTviewer or directly with ZEICON V15.0 or higher
  • Reinforced concrete proofs according to EN 1992-1-1 with national annexes for DE, AT, CZ/SK & UK incl. the adjustments of the punching shear check from Appendix 1 of DIN EN 1992-1-1-1 revision 06/2012
  • Extension of the previous design model (booklet 399 DAfStb) for openings in reinforced concrete girders by an alternative design approach using strut-and-tie models (booklet 459 DAfStb) for "small" and "large" openings.
  • Adaptation both of snow loads (setting "North-German lowlands" as an exceptional combination) as well as wind loads for wooden components
  • Integrated punching shear check with software components from the manufacturers Schöck and HALFEN
  • Design with glassfibre-reinforcement (Schöck ComBAR)
  • Lateral torsional buckling according to EN 1993-1 in accordance with national annexes for DE, AT, CZ/SK and UK
  • Design of continuous steel beams according to EN 1993-1 in accordance with national annexes for DE, AT, CZ/SK and UK incl. cross section classification
  • Stress verification for steel according to EN 1993-1 in accordance with national annexes for DE, AT, CZ/SK and UK incl. cross section classification
  • Latest generation of Eurocodes standards and operation under Windows®10


  • Reinforced concrete, steel and wood design according to DIN, EN with corresponding national annexes for DE, AT, SK/CZ and UK
  • Notched reinforced concrete beam with strut and tie model according to Fingerloos/Stenzel
  • Openings in reinforced concrete beams incl. reinforcement proposal
  • Elastic bedded reinforced concrete beam with bedding failure
  • Punching shear check incl. reinforcement proposal for HALFEN and Schöck dowel strips with integrated manufacturer proofs provided by Schöck and HALFEN
  • Reinforced Concrete Corbel
  • Single-axis reinforced concrete design with reinforcement proposal as well as vibration and strain analysis including glassfibre reinforcement manufactured by Schöck and Halfen 
  • Lateral torsional buckling analysis for symmetrical profiles
  • Continuous steel beams and stress analysis of steel
  • Continuous beams, continuous rafters as well as coupled and rafter purlins of timber
  • Single-storey wooden support and rigid wooden frame corner
  • collar beam, rafter and purlin roof incl. verification for ridge and base levels, collar beam connection and rafter support
  • Spatial valley and hip rafter
  • Masonry verification according to DIN EN 1996-1

Benefits of RTool

RTtool is a versatile structural engineering collection of different design tools, that provides the following advantages:

  • Object-oriented, context-dependent working environment with overview at a glance
  • Graphic representation with sensitive elements and dimension chains as well as direct indication of all changes
  • Efficient calculation and design functions
  • Cross section design for GRP reinforcement
  • Use of templates and extensive online support


Cover Picture: RIB Software SE, Stefan Kimmich

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