Gluelam Girder

RTgluelam – Glulam girder timber according to new timber design standard


  • Design according to DIN 1052 and EN 1995-1 and corresponding national annexes for DE, AT, SK/CZ and UK
  • Different girder forms such as parallel, shed roof and anticline roof girders with straight bottom chord or with sloping bottom chord as well as transom and fish-bellied girders
  • Design using Baubuche GL70 and Kerto-S as timber material
  • Optimisation of the roof girder allowing maximum efficiency of the cross-section
  • Design of the cross section with different lamella thicknesses
  • Consideration of a transverse strengthening with glued or screwed threaded bars or affixed bracings
  • Integration of curved system axis
  • Design loads and calculation of wind and snow according to DIN and EN with national annexes for DE, AT, SK/CZ and UK
  • Design for ULS and SLS and the required stability analysis as well as fire protection analysis
  • Design of geometrical discontinuity areas such as box outs and settled supports (notches)
  • Consideration of glued-in threaded rods and wood reinforcements
  • Configuration with preview of the results lists
  • Adaptation to the latest generation of Eurocodes standards and operation under Windows®10



RTgluelam is a versatile timber construction programme and provides the following advantages:

  • fully graphic-oriented input and overview at one glance
  • graphics with sensitive elements and chain dimensioning as well as optimum control of all modifications
  • extensive calculation with FEM and design of girder systems
  • powerful design functions and optimisation of girder
  • application of templates and detailed online support
  • clearly arranged, selective and repeatable result output including graphics with export possibilities into the PDF and the RTF format


Cover Picture: Holzbau Stephan, Gaildorf

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