Design of concrete cross-sections


New Features

  • Design with fibreglass-reinforcement manufactured by Schöck
  • Use of ultra-high-strength UHC C140 concrete and high-strength reinforcing steel SAS670
  • Consideration of the bearing capacity for earthquakes and shear joints 
  • Limitation of the stress amplitude in the concrete - compression strut
  • Limitation of the stress amplitude in the composite reinforcement of the shear joint


New RTcdesign interface

RTcdesign was comprehensively redesigned, functionally extended and equipped with a completely new working environment. It offers a modern and clear design environment. The most important information is always displayed to the user. The most important innovations are:

  • Ribbon with the essential working functions, settings as well as Undo-/Redo- and quick access toolbar at a glance
  • Clear organisation of cross-sections, load cases, structural components and related sections in a structured tree view
  • Table-oriented input of internal forces for different loads on beams/shells, optionally with superposition - data exchange from/to Excel (cut/paste) is possible
  • New function for input of multiple tendon positions, prestressing methods and prestressing steel distributions with visual checking.
  • Clear display of element properties and design settings for ULS, SLS, FLS and fire protection in properties table
  • Different program configuration options: Independent language settings for input and output. User-defined arrangement of windows. Activation/Deactivation of Individual design functions
  • Saves user-defined program templates in a separate directory for customized design settings, languages and standards

Overview & Benefits


RTcdesign is the new design program for load-bearing capacity, serviceability and fatigue design for dimensioning concrete cross-sections. The program structure is modular and can be assembled based on the Basic Module. The Basic Module comprises the design of standardized, symmetrical and asymmetrical reinforced concrete cross-sections in the building construction.

  • Concrete design for building and bridge structures
  • Efficient input of sectional geometry
  • High valuable material database
  • Uni-axial and biaxial concrete design
  • Dimensioning of plates, walls, folded plates and shells
  • Consideration of arbitrary bending, normal and shear force as well as torsional stress states
  • Fire protection design for elements subject to bending and pressure
  • Automatic superposition for severe stress states
  • Complete scope of verification in ULS, SLS and FLS
  • Transparent and clearly arranged report

Rtcdesign is a versatile design programme that provides the following advantages:

  • Cross-sectional design according to DIN 1045-1 and EN 1992 with consideration of national annexes for DE, AT, SK/CZ and UK
  • clearly arranged user interface and program control with graphics and sensitive chain dimensioning
  • approved uniaxial- or biaxial concrete design including bending, normal , shear and torsional stress
  • complete coverage of ultimate (ULS), serviceability (SLS) and fatigue (FLS) limit design
  • automatic superposition for evaluation of limit design states
  • provision of design templates


Cover Picture: Bremer AG, Paderborn

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