RTfooting EXPERT

Polygonal reinforced concrete footing incl. circular, block and sleeve footing

The program FUNDA for foundations and the program BEST for column design of RIB are proven basic applications in our office. In addition to the well-known good quality of the results, the new operation and the clear and designable printout are convincing. We are glad to use the effective load transfer from BEST for foundations. We have been using BEST successfully for more than 30 years and have accompanied the development with pleasure.

Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Jenisch, Lauterbach


New features of RTfooting EXPERT

In addition to the adaptations to Windows 11, the following functions are available in the program RTfooting in the basic version as an extension:

  • For fiberglass-reinforced foundations, the shear force design is performed according to the more accurate verification of M. Kurth / J. Hegger and reference is made in the output to the corresponding approval of ComBAR according to EN 1992-1-1.
  • In the case of sleeve foundations, the self-weight under the influence of water levels is now taken into account exactly and output in a verifiable form.
  • The settlement calculation for inclined and off-center loading is performed according to the general approximation method described in DIN 4019 in Section 10.3.1.
  • To record the necessary parameters of the foundation soil, several horizontally oriented soil layers with different soil properties can be defined
  • In the case of a circular or polygonal foundation slab, a substitute rectangle is used for the calculation
  • The calculation is based on the soil stress diagrams of Boussineq for the elastically isotropic half-space, which have been prepared by Steinbrenner, Jelinek, etc. for practical use and are available as influence coefficients for soil stress in curves in DIN 4019 Appendix A.
  • The settlement influence depth (limiting depth) is determined automatically according to DIN 4019 Chap.9. This may be assumed to be the depth at which the vertical additional stress from the mean settlement-effective load is 20% of the effective vertical initial stress of the soil. Alternatively, the depth of influence may be specified by the user.
  • The consideration of an eccentricity in y-direction is done according to DIN 4019 chap.11. The angular deformation is calculated as a result of the moment around the y-axis.
  • The magnitude of the settlement is influenced by the determined bearing pressure, by the embedment and limiting depth and by the stiffness number. These parameters can be specified variably in RTfooting.

Overview & Benefits

  • Upgraded preview option for the result lists
  • Extension of the sleeve design to meet recommended and required embedment depths
  • Extension of the load import function for replacing, adding or actualising already imported support loads
  • Extension of combination generation for stability considering combined or separate effects of the individual load cases
  • Further upgrades in the software ergonomics
  • Modern interface with ribbon, quick access toolbar & property tables with an overview at a glance
  • Extension FUNDA for the structural design of strip foundations
  • Option to configure the program and select the language of the output lists
  • Extension of load transfer from BEST as well as HOST & STUR software
  • Automatic load combination & generation of the design sections
  • Input of line loads
  • Extension FUNDA for the design of strip foundations
  • Soil mechanical analysis and determination of soil pressures using double eccentricity according to DIN 1054, or EN 1997-1 with national annexes for DE, AT & SK/CZ
  • Punching shear check for circular and rectangular connected supports according to DIN 1045, DIN 1045-1 or EN 1992-1 with national annexes for DE, AT, SK/CZ and UK for different slab geometries
  • Reinforced concrete design according to DIN 1045, DIN 1045-1 or EN 1992-1 with national annexes for DE, AT, SK/CZ and UK for single load cases and load combinations
  • Specification of different water horizons and soil layers
  • Specification of a smooth or rough formwork as well as the joint region for a sleeve design
  • Determination of the reference line position for an open gap and verification of bearing capacity and sliding stability
  • Design of the sleeve and punching shear check for circular and rectangular connected supports
  • Configuration of the result lists and specification of user-defined design sections
  • Independent language setting DE, UK & CZ for input and output
  • Simple and clear evaluation of results: Short list and Long list
Benefits of FUNDA EXPERT

RTfooting EXPERT is a versatile structural engineering programme which provides the following advantages:

  • modern user environment with ribbon bar, quick acces bar and property grids for an overview at one glance
  • rc-design according to old design codes for the refurbishment of structures
  • transparent working environment and program control with graphics with sensitive elements and chain dimensioning
  • usage of templates and alternative dialogue input

RTfooting EXPERT is an approved program for the design of reinforced concrete foundations which can be profitably used for challenging engineering tasks. The program also allows the design of footings in the domain of prefabricated foundations. Polygonal foundations can be used especially in the case of geometrical adoption of the footing to the refurbishment of a given structure.


Cover Picture: Laumer Bautechnik GmbH, Massing


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