IFC-Interface for ZEICON

New Features

With version 19.0 the following new features are available:

  • New 3D-Viewer for Components with Functionalities for Filtering components and materials as well as a new graphically interactive operation.
  • New BVBS-Interface for BVBS-Guidelines 3.0 from April 2019 in File format and as QR-Code with PDF417. The extensions are mainly related to staggered reinforcement, anchoring elements and support baskets.
  • Renewing the interface for importing CAD data (AutoCAD 2) for Importing data from AutoCAD 2018 or Revit 2019.
  • Extension of the editing of foils / foil stacks.
  • Extension during editing / filing of hatches.
  • Adaptation of ZEICON's country-specific configurations.
  • Improve the import and editing of long texts.
  • New IFC interface for data transfer from digital Building Modeling (Building Information Modeling) in the building industry via IFC files (*.ifc, Industry Foundation Classes), which contain component information in an open standard. When importing the IFC data, the geometry description is directly assigned to the ZEICON components with the respective parameter settings.


The IFC interface supports data transfer from digital building information modeling (BIM) in the construction industry via IFC files (*.ifc, Industry Foundation Classes), which store component information in an open standard.

By importing the IFC data, a direct assignment is made from the geometry description to the components available in ZEICON with its respective parameter settings. The import of IFC data includes the following functions:

  • Supported structural members: Walls (optionally with openings), slabs (optionally with openings), beams as well as rectangular and circular supports
  • Import of the geometry by extrusion method (rotation, extrusion and sweep solids)
  • Import Filter for material selection/assignment
  • Layer assignment according to the height and type of the structural members
  • Protocol to check the import quality

Benefits of ZEICON-IFC

    ZEICON-IFC is a powerful function extension and has the following special features:

    • Direct data import from other IFC-based CAD systems
    • Transfer of the spatial geometry and arrangement of the structural elements
    • secure data exchange through a standardized format
    • Reediting of construction element information for structural models e.g. for wall connections and grids

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