Timber Design

RTtimberdesign as option for TRIMAS®


  • Timber construction standards: DIN & EN with national annexes for DE, UK, AT, SK/CZ
  • Design for individual load cases and load combinations
  • Consideration of modification and deformation coefficients
  • Reductions for biaxial loading stress as well as shear and torsional stress
  • Consideration of non-linear stress states
  • Optimisation of the timber construction design through specific adaptation of material and cross-sections
  • Results as system plots, member or cross-section diagrams
  • Configurable report of results


Benefits of RTtimberdesign

The application of the program option for timber design provides the following advantages for the development of projects:

  • Integrated design also for structures with mixed materials
  • Combination with other program options (nonlinearity, stability, dynamics, …) provide a high achievement potential
  • Optimized material and cross-sectional attributes can be saved for subsequent analysis procedures
  • Versatile possibility for display of design results and individual configurable report
Spannungsnachweise für Holzkonstruktionen

Spannungsnachweise für Holzkonstruktionen

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