Material nonlinearity for 3D beam

RTnlmat - Option cracked concrete for spatial framework calculations


  • Consideration of biaxial bending and normal force
  • Contribution of the concrete between the cracks
  • Consideration of different design approaches
  • Automatic load determination
  • Realistic evaluation of deformations and internal forces
  • Consideration of non-prestressed and prestressed reinforcement


Benefits of RTnlmat

For analyses in the cracked state, the basic system of TRIMAS® and PONTI® can be enhanced by the option cracked concrete for spatial frameworks. The fully graphically interactive processing enables fast familiarisation and provides the following advantages:

  • Simple input of the reinforcement in the bar cross section
  • Application for DIN and EN
  • Can be used for arbitrary spatial frame systems
  • Analysis of spatial stability failure
  • An ultimate load calculation is also possible for prestressed systems
  • Economic component design via use of surplus capacities
  • Evaluation of realistic deformations

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