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PONTI® EXPERT - FEM-System for concrete bridges including TRIMAS® fem

New features PONTI

A graphic-interactive program environment is now available for PONTI for the input and modelling of solid bridge cross sections. In addition, for prestressed structures, major upgrades are now offered for the analysis of load capacity, serviceability and fatigue.

All the analyses can be displayed as short-lists and validated detailed evaluations. It also offers a wide range of graphic display options, which clearly reflect the supporting documentation.

With the introduction of the updated recalculation guideline, different enhancements in the design approach are combined, which mainly apply to the load capacity and fatigue design for shear force and torsion. These innovations have been presented to the public in different technical events and are now included in PONTI.


  • Graphic-interactive model generation
  • Frame structures and general FEM solution
  • Beam and arched bridges
  • suspension and cable-stayed bridges
  • Combined framed and folded plate bridges
  • Reinforced concrete bridges
  • Pre-stressed bridges with unbonded, post-tensioned, internal, external or mixed pre-stressing
  • Consideration of construction stages

Additional program Option available for:

  • Consideration of requirements for reanalysis of bridges according to German guidelines
  • Bridge strenghtening with 2-stage prestressing
  • Bridge reinforcement by adding a cast-in-place concrete slab (see PONTI®compositeconcrete)
  • Generation of loads for specific bridge load levels according to DIN-FB 101 and DIN 1072
  • Overview of the efficiency level of bridges for ULS, SLS and FLS indicating the remaining useful life in table form and graphically


Benefits of PONTI EXPERT

The programme enhancement on PONTI® EXPERT also facilitates the analysis of mixed spatial wood, steel or reinforced steel systems. The calculation results for plane structures can be transmitted directly into the CAD programme ZEICON®. PONTI® EXPERT is a powerful FEM system for structural and bridge engineering and in particular provides the following advantages:

  • Fully graphic-oriented input with optimum control of all modifications
  • Clearly arranged working surface for fast working and efficient design
  • Simple calculation and design of complex flat and spatial structural models or overall models
  • Fast and safe processing of bridge systems on the basis of axial data
  • Efficient usage of templates for cross sections, superstructure systems and tendons
  • Simple acquisition of the building history of construction stages via subsystem allocations
  • Acquisition of the actual bearing behaviour and the loss of stability (buckling, lateral-torsional buckling and bulging)
  • Efficient functions also support the processing and laying of complicated tendon geometries
  • Powerful and economic design according to the harmonised European standards
  • Integration of calculating and drawing to ensure engineer-like planning and thinking in overall modelling
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