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Speclink Cloud Collaboration Software For Remote Teams

1 January, 2021
2 mins read

During the construction specification process, collaborating with remote contributors has never been easier. SpecLink Cloud enables teams to come together to create, edit, share, and manage construction documents.

Utilizing a robust database, users can select and add specification sections as needed. This streamlines documentation and helps avoid confusion over version-control by leveraging real-time information created by our in-house team of spec writers and design professionals. Also, building owners can oversee and manage permissions for various teams with permission-based controls for every role. With SpecLink, your firm will save time, minimize risk, collaborate, and stay in control.

Collaboration Software for Architects, Engineers, and Building Owners

With SpecLink Cloud remote contributes can work across teams all in one specification software. Now with enhanced features on the cloud, users can:

  • Streamline project documentation
  • View live comments and real-time updates
  • Maintain global terms
  • Track changes and decisions made
  • Manage user permissions for every role
  • Create specs up to 70% faster

SpecLink for Building Product Manufacturers

You could be missing out on 1,000s of missed opportunities. With RIB SpecLink’s Manufacturer Services, you can:

  • Leverage enhanced listings to educate designers about your products
  • Ensure your information is front-and-center during product selection
  • Access live project data as specs are created
  • Gain actionable intelligence for sales and marketing teams

Learn how you can benefit from SpecLink’s advanced features and capabilities. Click on “Contact Us” below for a free trial of RIB’s construction specification software today!


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