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Overcoming The Fear Of Implementing A New Software Solution

21 July, 2022
6 mins read

When you are implementing a new software solution, there is always an element of fear involved. Introducing new software to your company requires a lot of time and energy. Moreover, there is always a risk in implementing new systems that they might fail, and this instills fear.

To take the fear out of implementing a new software solution, you need to understand why the implementation is necessary. It’s also important to focus on the benefits and the overall positive impact the new solution will have on your business, and how you can ensure successful change management.

When Is It Time For a New Software Solution?

Today, industries have the option to use  built-for-purpose software solutions  that meet the specific requirements of their business. Using a built-for-purpose software solution gives you the exact tools you need to operate more efficiently.

Old software systems can be clunky and don’t do everything you need them to. As such, you might have multiple systems for different functions, which makes it difficult to transfer data and get a holistic overview of your operations.

If your business is relying on outdated, manual processes, then it’s time for a software change. New software designed specifically for the construction industry will streamline your operations significantly and allow you to integrate various functions into one complete system. This can boost efficiency across all levels of the company and reduce various manual tasks.

Ultimately, the right software system will help you improve business efficiency, reduce costs, enhance the client journey, improve business processes, and generate more revenue.

Understanding the Fear of Software Implementation

Change can be a very difficult concept to embrace for many organisations. If things are already working well, then why introduce a new system?

Transitioning to a new software solution can cause a major disruption. It means adopting new processes, abandoning old habits, and learning how to operate new systems.

However, by embracing a fit-for-purpose software solution that is tailored to your industry, your organisation can gain a competitive advantage. It will enable your company to complete your everyday tasks more efficiently and with better accuracy.

Ultimately, fit-for-purpose construction software will give you data that allows you to make better, smarter decisions. This value far outweighs the fear of implementing a new solution.   

Overcoming Fear with Change Management

Change management refers to the strategic approach and preparation an organisation takes to help implement change. It’s an essential component for any successful implementation. However, it can be one of the most challenging aspects.

Essentially, good change management prepares the groundwork for how an organisation prepares for the successful adoption of change. Any change management plan needs a clear vision and end goal.

A strong change management plan will provide a roadmap to follow for the implementation process. It will also include the resources required and cover all aspects of the implementation from start to finish. Having a plan to follow enables you to monitor progress, set milestones, and efficiently address any areas of concern.

With a change management plan in place, there will be a lot more confidence and commitment from the team around the implementation of the new system.

Choosing the Right Software Solution

You won’t be able to overcome the fear of implementing a new software solution unless you choose the right system to go ahead with.

Start by doing a business process assessment to identify the exact needs of your business. Once you understand this, you can source the solution that will be the best fit for your company.

Construction operations are unique, so you’ll need a system designed specifically for the construction industry to meet your specific requirements.

When you choose the right software, make sure you choose a partner that knows your industry and understands your pain points. In other words, your software partner needs to speak your language and bring years of best practice and solution-driven industry expertise to the table. 


Implementing a new software solution is an important business decision. It needs to be done carefully and strategically if you want it to be a success. While fear of change may be a prominent factor, finding the right solution for your business needs and having an effective change management plan in place will help you overcome this.

With the risks and costs involved with implementing a new solution, you want to make sure that you select the  right people to partner with. This is just as important as selecting the right solution.