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Effective Construction Resource Management To Help You Succeed

9 May, 2021
6 mins read

Materials can account for up to 70% of a project’s construction costs. Reduce waste and save costs through proper resource management and accurate estimates.

Construction is a tricky business. Large-scale projects can be complex, with loads of different materials and processes that go into each job. On top of this, timelines and profit margins can be stretched quite thin.

To make sure that your business maximises your success, proper construction resource management is crucial.

The biggest part of any construction job is managing resources and materials. Any mistakes made during this process could result in major issues to follow. This is why the right construction resource management software is so important.

What is Construction Resource Management?

The completion of a construction project relies on getting all the right resources for the job. The process of construction resource management helps contractors to achieve the project’s end goal with maximum efficiency.

To meet the objectives of the project, you need to carefully manage each resource available and get the most out of them.

In construction, resources can refer to a number of different things. Most importantly, resources include construction materials, time, labour, and skills.

Construction resource management helps to achieve various outcomes. These include:

  • tracking the availability of the resources
  • allocating resources according to the project requirements and changes
  • and making sure that the right resources are utilised properly in a project.

To achieve these goals, construction resource managers can take the following approaches:

  • Always follow utilisation rates during a project. This helps to ensure that teams are not being overworked and that workers are using the resources properly.
  • Make sure that the proper sets of skills and work experience apply to the different teams in the project.
  • Optimise the time, cost, and effort of all resources.
  • Forecast possible resource requirements for the future.
  • Find any possible issues in the resource management system and resolve them before they become more costly.
  • Reallocate any resources when changes occur along the way

Why Proper Construction Resource Management Is Important

Construction resource management is a critical process for any contractor. This is what the bulk of construction projects rely on. So, getting resource management done right is the first step towards success.

We have outlined some of the main benefits of efficient construction resource management below.

  • Saves Money

The main benefit of proper resource management is reduced costs. Making sure that you manage everything involved in a building project as efficiently as possible can result in major savings. This includes building materials, staff costs, and timelines.

Using the most efficient approach to resource management, such as using  built-for-purpose construction software, will help businesses to save on time and energy in managing resources. This leads to significant financial savings.

  • Maximises Efficiency

When you manage your resources properly, your projects become more streamlined. With the right tools and tactics, contractors can make sure that every process that goes into a job is done with the utmost efficiency. This comes down to understanding the resources involved and allocating and managing them effectively.

For example, with proper resource management, you can better allocate workers with the right skills to the correct jobs. It also ensures that the correct amount of resources are available for each job or task.

  • Decreases Waste

There is no room for waste in construction projects with tight budgets and timelines. Proper resource management makes sure that you use the correct amount of materials for the job. This helps to minimise waste and therefore save money in the long run.

Waste also comes in the form of time and energy. Reduced waste equals lower expenses.

To reduce waste, project managers should use the right tools for their  quantity takeoffs  and estimates. This will help to ensure that they are accurate.

Use Construction Software to Enhance Resource Management

To achieve completely accurate construction resource management, you need to have the right software. Manual processes leave too much room for error – not to mention the added paperwork involved!

So, the best strategy is to use specialised construction estimation software. This will help you to produce completely accurate cost estimates, material estimates, and to better understand the scope of your projects. All of this is essential for successful resource management.

Final Thoughts

To minimise waste and additional costs, you need to practice effective construction resource management. Proper resource management saves money, time, and boosts productivity. Ultimately, this leads to a more successful construction business.

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