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Essmann Gärtner Nieper GBR With A New Software For Cost Management

15 October, 2016
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The transition from the software previously used in our company to the iTWO system was ideal

Tom Nieper

Switching to RIB iTWO Achieved in Only a Few Days

The architectural office Eßmann Gärtner Nieper GbR, with subsidiaries in Darmstadt and Leipzig, has been working successfully with the IT solution iTWO by RIB for project and cost management since summer 2016. According to the managing director, they converted from the previous program in a matter of days. RIB iTWO covers all tasks in HOAI service phases 2 and 3 as well as 6 and 8 completely and continuously, also scoring highly for its appealing and intuitive user interface in the current “Windows look & feel”.

The software from RIB offers the possibility of creating bills of quantities for current projects with little effort. The basis for this is provided by around 130 projects that Eßmann Gärtner Nieper architects has transferred quickly and without complication into the RIB software. In this way, the required items for new construction measures can be quickly found and adapted. The office values the transparency of arithmetical operations for all employees involved in the project, from cost estimates all the way to billing.

Architecture Office Has Relied on RIB Software for Many Years

“Already after only a few days, all our employees who use the program had taken on board their tasks in iTWO and worked exclusively thenceforth with the new software.” Not only for employees in the offices, site managers also access the RIB software directly from the site, as it is installed in a terminal server at Eßmann Gärtner Nieper.

The architecture office, founded in 1970, has relied for many years on software by the Stuttgart provider RIB. “Thus it was only logical to change across the company to the new iTWO,” managing director Nieper adds. He can also imagine carrying out model-based work in iTWO 5D in the future.

*Fee regulations for architects and engineers

Interior view: new-built extension to the Finance Ministry of Hesse in Wiesbaden


  • High transparency in the planning process
  • Improved coordination of all involved in planning
  • BIM as an all-encompassing method ensures quality in the project


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