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Create More Accurate And Efficient Construction Estimates With A Cloud-Based System

May 10, 2021
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A 1/6 bid-to-win ratio is considered standard. Beat your competitors by creating more accurate and efficient construction estimates with a cloud-based system!

The pre-construction bid process is often the most difficult part of the job. In order for your business to be successful, you will need to win as many bids as possible.

Using a cloud-based estimating software like Candy Cloud can help to streamline and maximise the process in a huge way. This will provide a competitive edge to your business, allowing you to bring in more contracts.

Advantages of using a Cloud-Based system for your building estimates

Winning new clients over with building estimates is an essential part of the job. However, the estimates will need to be accurate and efficiently done. Here are some ways in which using a cloud-based system can optimise this process.

1. Integrate different processes into a single product

Manually importing data between different platforms can be time-consuming and frustrating. With cloud-based software, you can streamline all of your data into a central platform. You can find everything you need online so that you can easily compile and optimise your estimates.

Not only does a cloud-based system save valuable time here, but it also makes the process much more effective. There won’t be duplicate entries or any need for paper documents. Also, you can organise all your projects within the platform in different folders. You can switch seamlessly between them and therefore use existing data to complete your bids faster.

 2. You get total access

Using an online platform means that you can access it from absolutely anywhere at any time. This eliminates the problem of only being able to use your estimating software when in the office.

A system like this allows contractors to access information whenever they need it – making estimates easier and faster to update. For example, a contractor can access the software and upload and edit information directly on the platform from a web browser

Cloud-based data can include things like cost estimates and material costs, as well as useful sample data. Using this readily available data can make the estimating process far quicker and easier to accomplish with accuracy.

 3. Improved collaboration

Real-time collaboration is a major advantage of using cloud-based estimate systems. When coming up with building estimates, you have to collaborate with a range of other individuals. This includes stakeholders, co-workers and subcontractors. During this process, you can determine the overall construction costs.

Using cloud-based software means that all users can easily gain access to the project data. This makes collaborating a faster process, as it can be done in real-time. You can reach accurate estimates faster with this kind of software – allowing you to meet all deadlines. This enables contractors to quickly move onto their next project bid and maximise their workflow.

4. A Simplified approach

Using an efficient software platform to develop building estimates just makes the process a whole lot simpler for contractors. It eliminates the need for complicated, long-winded, manual and error prone estimating processes.

There is also only a single standardised format to use. This makes it easier for companies to follow a consistent estimate approach.

Using a cloud-based system is more efficient, user friendly, and easy to manage. You can create estimates faster, and with less strain. It’s a win-win situation!

5. Storage, backup and recovery

Having a system in the cloud means massive amounts of secure “off site” storage. When you have large amounts of data and plans to keep track of, keeping it all in the cloud is the best solution. Not only does this make data easier to access and update but it keeps your information safe.

Cloud-based solutions are constantly backing up and so that they can restore any lost data. There’s no need to worry about losing physical documents or plans! Keeping it in a cloud will keep it safe.

The Bottom Line

In today’s technology-driven world, even contractors need to utilise the latest tech trends. Creating accurate building estimates with greater ease, speed and accuracy is something that can provide a significant boost to your business.

It’s time to shift to a solution like Candy Cloud to help eliminate costly errors and win more bids. This is the kind of approach that contractors need to take to keep up with the demands of today’s digitized environment.

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